It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty5 GC
Awesome, open-ended game. :O I get panicky and stuff alot when I play though. Why? Fires, burglars, I get scared maaan!!! TheSims2 PC
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty6 GC
Probably one of the greatest games ever. :D AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
I haven't tried making a downtown or anything yet, but I heard this expansion pack was awesome. :O TheSims2Nightlife PC
Kind of boring a few days. NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
One of my first games, and a very good game too. :K DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Er...I like Animal Crossing, but for some reason, I dislike Harvest Moon. =S HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife GC
Awesome game. But a certain person sold it. D:< SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
Great adventure game. :O StarFoxAdventures GC
I like Smash Bros. better. *is shot* SoulCalibur2 GC
Made me dizzy. Dunno why. D: PacManWorld2 PS2
Like Luigi's Mansion, it's good, but short. WarioWorld GC
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty4 GC

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