When are those cops coming to arrest. I really hope my lawyer can get the charges of Internet harrassment dropped. Man, going to jail would be scary, especially with my little dick and all, LOL. When are you going to send me those pics of your ball air btw?

Man, being 14 must be great. Keep it real kid.

quote Bladefire21
quote linkin park fan
Well no, not everything is art now a days. Art has to be something that you or someone else created and it depicts a action, event etc.
oh yes just like modern art depicts splashes of random color. i remember that event.

Rofl, I thought that was so funny.
What do you know.Your guest book is missing my hand drawn stamp:rolleyes:
But that shall not be a prblem cause I stamp now!

hey that stamp was weird but here are cool ones too

I did eeny meeny miny mo and i picked you so newayz here is a stamp.

cool, huh? hehehe... oh well...
Congratulations, you're the fourteenth person to find all of the secrets in my NeoHome, therefore I am signing your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

You deserve 2 stamps

Hope you Enjoy my stamps & Have Fun!
Bladefire21, Shut your mouth before I grab my gun/
Grab my knife and grab my gat/
Shove it somewhere you'll know its at/
Pull the trigger you will see/
A man up above, That man is me.

I would go on but you know.......
i dont see no pro...oh, wait...well, jay_z's stamp is kinda like porn...ill just google it:D
anyways, um...yeah.
Hello Bladefire21. I've seen you in Loungin` a few times, so I thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Hope you like the stamp!

Sign back!
Thanks for signing my guestbook Bladefire.

Although we've never spoken before, you seem like a pretty cool guy.

Have a nice day
hey... soooo... (scratches back of head akwardky) yeahhhhhhhh. stamp? Oh yeah. my stamp!
hello i am signing your guestbook and saying:are you still on this anymore?
hope you like the stamp:

thank you for signing my guestbook. i would stamp you but frankly i am just way too tired.......Let's hear it for LEEEEEEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKIIIIINS!!!!!!
thanks for signing mine, i hadn't checked it in a while sos im signing ur back cuz u signed mine with ur signature that u sign with, so im signing with my sig so that u and every one else can see the sign i sign my sig with (space filler)

C u round then chicken!!

and save sherriff stu!!
so I've found out more 'bout ya and I find u very nice and smart. but still, I hope the best for you and Lolli, u goys sound great!
nhioew bnfi ehw hifoewh!~!!!!!~!~!~!~!~!~
Fairygrl was here- xoxo to u and all u'r friends!
I just dropped by so sign ur GB!
Please sign mine too^_^

Okay then, enjoy:D

Thanks for signing my guestbook really nice of ya anyways i guess i'll see you in the forums. peace out

Man with 10K
Thanks for signing, and for complimenting my sig. I wish I had a stamp as good, though.

......................l ll l l lll......................
Pathetic excuse for a temporary stamp
Heyhey I can see ur GB needs some colors..so have a colorful stamp..
Enjoy and oh sign back..

Hey Bladefire. Thanks for signing my guestbook. Be faithful in the Halo forum and I guess I will see you aound on Neo

Of course I will neomarry you, chicken!!



As promised in the package here is my guestbook signing. I've put you in my bio and my neohome and all you can take advantage of now is total jespomo access. Which I am sure you will enjoy.