First of all, I'm MALE

Secondly, I love to help with games, but I'm not a super godly being or anything. Feel free to ask me anything!

Thirdly, some say that I'm like this guy:
You're quiet, shy and introvert, which is why you often stay unnoticed in the background. To others you seem distant and isolated, but your close friends know you as the sweet and kind-hearted person you are.



Stuff like StarWars, Digimon, Pokemon, Legond ofZelda, SSB, and much more!
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Review: Super Smash Bros. - Super Smashed Goodness

Aug 22, 2002

There is a wide range of difficulties, characters, areas, and challenges to be met and secrets to find. I play it weekly at least. Worth any price. The characters each have there own unique signiture moves and there own strengths and weaknesses....

Blackskull Greymon

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