Happy Birthday! Haven't seen you post in a while but then again I do not visit a lot of different forums. Take care!


Hi, I'm vanillagigglez and I'm signing your guestbook today because my slave master weatherlover427 / sodadrinker777 ordered me to or else he said he'd send a blizzard of 10 feet of snow to where I live:(
Merry Christmas from Keiichi and the gang!

±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
This make you thirsty?

It sure as hell makes me want to drink.
How ya doing?
I've seen you quite a bit in some of the forums I go to, so when I saw your name in the neo-birthday thing, I thought I'd sign your gb.Happy Birthday.
Hi! I never got around to congtatulating you on having your baby! So congratulations!

Stamped by GexTheLizard

I thought I'd resurrect this old account which for some reason had all of the posts deleted? Anyway, do you think anyone will recognize me? I thought we could talk dirty to each other and pretend like we don't know each other... lol...

You know I love you and think the world of you...

Wo - Same great flavor with half the Wo
You like Mars Volta? I like Mars Volta! Um...Your name is really cool. I need caffine. That avatar is pretty cool too.
Congratulations on your baby BHW! You're already a wonderful parent, so this baby is sure to have a loving home. We've never really talked much...but I just couldn't resist dropping by.
I am signing your guestbook cuz I decided I would Sign a bunch of moderators Guestbooks so, please sign back.

Here is a riddle incase you get bored.

If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

I'd stamp but I don't have my floppy disc with me.

Happy Bunny Day!!
Be sure to eat plenty of chocolate!
appy Spring!

From Daisy and Gojyo
Lately I've been a little lax when it comes to guestbook signings. Actually, I've been pretty anti-social in general. Hopefully things will start perking up a little. I love you all, and hope that we can keep in touch. If we haven't PMd each other for a while, then give me a good kick in the butt and send me a message. I wish you luck in all you do, so may your affairs prosper!

my valentine's gift... to a sweetheart like you... gushing from the bottom of my heart...

there you go!
listen to metal! and not just any metal! old metal!![ they should make a devilwings smiley-_- ]

Looking though peoples guestbook and stamping them as i go Ur just another Victum that i have to stamp....

anyways sorry that you took that post seriously i guess my sarcatic joking never seems like joking
Well well well, i dont think this guest book has been stamped by the burning purity of the BlacK DawN KorporatioN


Korporate Leader
Have a pleasant Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice or whatever will fill up my 125 character limit.

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Ah, New Years! The time of year to start reminiscing about what we did that year and what we resolve to change. For some of us. But for the rest of us, it's watching fireworks blown off by the neighbors who will eventually get in trouble if they don't stop by the designated time! (Hopefully that's not you)

Anyway, as we enter 2005 (W00T!), remember that just because it's a New Year doesn't mean you have to change. x) So don't. And I won't either! Hope you had a great year!

I didn't sign anyone's for Christmas, so I thought I'd go for New Years. Have a great one, mm'kay?

<3 Lightning-Chan, the girl with an identity crisis
"YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!" Tanpopo Yamazaki - Imadoki!
Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like a band of sexy English junkies:

I.E. The Libertines. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out!
Just like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2005!
I've had a quite Neo year, but I hope to spend more time here next year and in the pet forum.

May all your holiday dreams come true,
And warmest wishes for a
happy and prosperous New Year!
You've been war stamped...................

Peace out