Vegetazoid Blackfalcon
Sep 19, 08 10:01pm
Hey Blackfalcon! Funny that theres also another user called Whitefalcon!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Burn in Hell Blackfalcon
Sep 16, 08 3:27am
You have been touched by Hell.

And by a dancing pink elephant.

All your cookies belong to me.
crazychef Blackfalcon
Jul 7, 08 4:41pm
yo blackfalcon i`ve seen you around erm.. every where and i just want to say thanks for your helpful hints in the forums.

so anyway have a nice time on neoseeker and see you around sometime
Whitefalcon Blackfalcon
Jun 2, 08 4:48pm
Hi blackfalcon, it's whitefalcon!(obviously) I'm just signing for the sake of it, but I'll ask LPF for a stamp and then I'll be back!
See you then!
Darnit Blackfalcon
Apr 5, 08 11:28pm
This isn't how I pictured the dark side, and I don't see any cookies. I always pictured the dark side to be like this.


BTW, sorry if the pic comes out wierd, that happens
toetancham Blackfalcon
Mar 18, 08 1:51am
Yeah, so my previous sign was a bit outdated + nooby, so here is a newer one

ButchSmudge Blackfalcon
Mar 12, 08 8:32am
I wanted to sign your GB with an actual stamp. So:

WTF, why is that under 125 characters?
spiker Blackfalcon
Feb 14, 08 6:25am
Hey I am spikerdude, and I decided to sign your guestbook. Now, I was to understand that there would be cookies? haha just playin haha. unless, there really are some cookies that you can give me.Jk, is there really a point in signing somebody's guestbook, or is it just for fun?
bballyoda219 Blackfalcon
Feb 2, 08 1:15am
hi i like cookies can i have my cookies now? gimme my cookies. COOKIES!cookie's! soooo do i have em or not? cookioes or else
neb120 Blackfalcon
Jan 27, 08 3:34am
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook because you joined PS2 Manics!

Have fun on neo!
Quierta Blackfalcon
Dec 24, 07 12:06pm
UGH, I planned on sending these out on Christmas but I just couldn't wait any longer XD

Still using that stamp I made? 8D I'll cry if not...

Haha XD have a wonderful holiday, whatever it may be! ^__^


nevile333 Blackfalcon
Dec 5, 07 1:15am
you are one of my idols on this site !!! I will try and put you on my freind list.Yes I am a newbie... and please!!!!!!!! give me the meaning of life.
doylie Blackfalcon
Nov 18, 07 5:56pm
I though a felow Ratchet and Clank fan deserves a Ratchet and Clank stamp

sonyandnintendorule Blackfalcon
Nov 18, 07 7:56am
hi ummmm how do u post pics sorry i just really really REALLY! wanted to now i mean do you copy and paste or what??? anyway what about the secret life are you going to email mail etc. it to me and no im not stupid!! anyway... i think by now i should be leeving cause i left a game on it ]s jak 3 [must get 100 orbs 4 ivincibility] P.S. im not taking any dares unless i now i should
Atomic Blackfalcon
Nov 7, 07 3:24pm
Hi, Blackfalcon! Someone sent me a message and I guessed it was you because it had blackfalcon on the bottom of the page. Thanks for signing my guestbook... If it was you.
ButchSmudge Blackfalcon
Nov 1, 07 9:01am
Hi, I thought I would sign your guestbook, again.
so here

The Blade Slade Blackfalcon
Oct 10, 07 5:16am
awww.. I thought I was gonna be the first man to know the meaning of life...oh well.. always happy to sign a guesbook . Well I guess if you want to sign back feel free to...
speedy600 Blackfalcon
Aug 3, 07 6:18pm
The Ghostly Soldier Blackfalcon
Aug 1, 07 3:29pm
and heres your prize..... i signed back

i dared now where are my cookies?

ButchSmudge Blackfalcon
Jul 31, 07 1:58am
cheers for signing my guest book
have a stone bridge lol

and my world
Sayyed Blackfalcon
Jul 22, 07 12:22am
You need more signatures. So I thought Ill help out. Im about to show you my top secret car. Very few have seen this sexy beast. Okay maybe any one who has googled it
Big_Burta Blackfalcon
Jul 19, 07 11:37pm
Hey, thanks for signing my GuestBook! You seem like a pretty cool guy, too. Want to be Neofriends?

Don't worry about not having a stamp. I'm not big on stamps. See you around the forums!
babygirl000 Blackfalcon
Jul 18, 07 4:01am
hey ya i do no ALOT i'm like addicted to it ya pretty sad right not really
but i'm sorry i do have to stay on the good side harrys side
jdigz Blackfalcon
Jul 13, 07 11:28pm
hey man just decided to sign ur guestbook say hi crap like that man . sign mine if ya want to later...... now weres those cookies?
toetancham Blackfalcon
Jun 4, 07 2:27am
nice completing it 100% i can't seem to win the last challenge
keep up the good work and completing r&c is good work to. couple questions (--->how many games do you owe, are you an R&C freak and could we 2 become friends PM me;)