Hey Blackfalcon! Funny that theres also another user called Whitefalcon!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
You have been touched by Hell.

And by a dancing pink elephant.

All your cookies belong to me.
yo blackfalcon i`ve seen you around erm.. every where and i just want to say thanks for your helpful hints in the forums.

so anyway have a nice time on neoseeker and see you around sometime
Hi blackfalcon, it's whitefalcon!(obviously) I'm just signing for the sake of it, but I'll ask LPF for a stamp and then I'll be back!
See you then!
This isn't how I pictured the dark side, and I don't see any cookies. I always pictured the dark side to be like this.


BTW, sorry if the pic comes out wierd, that happens
Yeah, so my previous sign was a bit outdated + nooby, so here is a newer one

I wanted to sign your GB with an actual stamp. So:

WTF, why is that under 125 characters?
Hey I am spikerdude, and I decided to sign your guestbook. Now, I was to understand that there would be cookies? haha just playin haha. unless, there really are some cookies that you can give me.Jk, is there really a point in signing somebody's guestbook, or is it just for fun?
hi i like cookies can i have my cookies now? gimme my cookies. COOKIES!cookie's! soooo do i have em or not? cookioes or else
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook because you joined PS2 Manics!

Have fun on neo!
UGH, I planned on sending these out on Christmas but I just couldn't wait any longer XD

Still using that stamp I made? 8D I'll cry if not...

Haha XD have a wonderful holiday, whatever it may be! ^__^


you are one of my idols on this site !!! I will try and put you on my freind list.Yes I am a newbie... and please!!!!!!!! give me the meaning of life.
I though a felow Ratchet and Clank fan deserves a Ratchet and Clank stamp

hi ummmm how do u post pics sorry i just really really REALLY! wanted to now i mean do you copy and paste or what??? anyway what about the secret life are you going to email mail etc. it to me and no im not stupid!! anyway... i think by now i should be leeving cause i left a game on it ]s jak 3 [must get 100 orbs 4 ivincibility] P.S. im not taking any dares unless i now i should
Hi, Blackfalcon! Someone sent me a message and I guessed it was you because it had blackfalcon on the bottom of the page. Thanks for signing my guestbook... If it was you.
Hi, I thought I would sign your guestbook, again.
so here

awww.. I thought I was gonna be the first man to know the meaning of life...oh well.. always happy to sign a guesbook . Well I guess if you want to sign back feel free to...
and heres your prize..... i signed back

i dared now where are my cookies?

cheers for signing my guest book
have a stone bridge lol

and my world
You need more signatures. So I thought Ill help out. Im about to show you my top secret car. Very few have seen this sexy beast. Okay maybe any one who has googled it
Hey, thanks for signing my GuestBook! You seem like a pretty cool guy, too. Want to be Neofriends?

Don't worry about not having a stamp. I'm not big on stamps. See you around the forums!
hey ya i do no ALOT i'm like addicted to it ya pretty sad right not really
but i'm sorry i do have to stay on the good side harrys side
hey man just decided to sign ur guestbook say hi crap like that man . sign mine if ya want to later...... now weres those cookies?
nice completing it 100% i can't seem to win the last challenge
keep up the good work and completing r&c is good work to. couple questions (--->how many games do you owe, are you an R&C freak and could we 2 become friends PM me;)