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I'm looking forward to this game, even if nobody else is! inFamous PS3
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  • "eeeevvvviiiiillllllll! evil! i choose evil! inFamous PS3"
    NuKe77 Mar 13, 13 7:24am
  • "Got free from WB offer. Really fun in general, with a good story. Can get a bit repetitive, but good replay value with good/evil sides. inFamous PS3"
    Hurricarno Aug 22, 11 8:08am
  • "get those 300 peaces to get the tropy inFamous PS3"
    BusterFx Jul 15, 11 11:34pm
  • "call me Zeus! too bad i'm not omnipotent (all-knowing) though... these shards are a pain to find all 350!! inFamous PS3"
    ReiNoShi_X Jul 31, 10 9:41am
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