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Mar 21, 10 7:56pm

So yeah, another riveting update on stuff.

It's a while since the raffle, I know, but I haven't made a post about it so screw it. =D I think I have the luck of the Irish, because it's my second successful haul. I knew I wasn't going to top last year's winnings, but I did. @_@

So thankyous time!
Thanks to Zhou Tai Rocks, for the song he auctioned! I'm listening to it loads, the best thing I've ever won in a raffle (In all the two years I've participated! :thick:).

Boontz_Lottie kindly auctioned off a letter, and given that she's in Australia I must give a big thankyou for being so generous! I can't wait to get it. :)

Thanks Magnaillusion CM for the video shoutout!

A few other things I've won but haven't recieved, so thanks to those guys when I do. 8D

For everyone who won a drawing by me, I'm working on it, only I'm so damn busy. 3= Easter break I should get at least one done.

In other news, I finally got online on my PS3, so I can play other peoples' LittleBigPlanet levels. =D Still working on my own, too, it's an awesome fun game! For anyone who cares my PSN is Blackfalcon007.

So that's it, added a few new pictures to my gallery if you care at all. Thanks for reading if you did!

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Mar 17, 10 3:33am
says: "PSN: Blackfalcon007"
Mar 4, 10 3:18am
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Feb 16, 10 1:43am
is now Online =D
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Feb 6, 10 11:43pm

Ok, so even though nobody will have noticed I have been less active on Neo lately. The awesome news is cos I got a PS3, along with LittleBigPlanet, which is awesome!

But I'd be lying if I said that the PS3 is the only reason for my reduced seeking. No, I've been spending equal time on my sisters' new Wii.

So this one goes out to all Wii gamers. Because I have a confession to make. Secretly I have always looked down on you. I've always thought the Wii was for kids and people desperate to get thin but too lazy to get some real excercise. I'm sorry, but I've always thought you weren't a real gamer.

I was wrong. Man is the Wii fun! I'm loving Wii Sports Resort, it's so entertaining! It's such a great way to relax, and my Mii just makes things more fun. It's actually quite an immersive experience.

So yeah, Wii actually rocks. Who knew?

In other gaming news, I'm having a hard time setting up my PS3 online stuff. I've got the basic settings done, but I can't set up PSN without first getting the System Update. My Online connection is too crap to do it the online way and for some reason Update via Media Storage keeps failing. Anyone have an experience with this type of thing? Please, I really need help here!

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Jan 23, 10 3:59am
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Jan 10, 10 3:54am
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Dec 27, 09 6:11pm
Finished it in a day, not much of a game to be honest. Bit of fun I guess. TonyHawksAmericanWasteland
Dec 12, 09 8:40pm
wishes you a Merry Christmas
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Dec 8, 09 4:54am

So, last Friday I went to Top Gear Live! =D It was so awesome, really good show! Saw some ridiculously amazing cars, the Batmobile was there! =O That thing is HUGE.

Saw some brilliant Aston Martins (<3) along with lotsa Ferraris, a few Maserattis and lots more! =D I was worried that since we'd got the cheapest tickets possible the show would suck, but there was a really great setup! Not matter where you were you could see the stage perfectly, which was lucky since we were in the back corner of the audience! xD

Anyway, those guys really know how to put on a show! =D I really enjoyed the whole thing, loved Top Gear already but know I love it more! Three genuinely funny guys who somehow manage to incorporate cars into their show, it's a recipe for success! The Stig was unreal, he's an amazing driver, and watching him do a loop-de-loop was just so cool!

So, the show is an all-round win. Lotsa fire, awesome cars, and the lads managed to make a ridiculous amount of jokes about Ireland's encounter with France. They even pitted the teams against each other in car football, which went a lot better then the last match (4-3 Woo!). Really worth a look if it's coming to you, you won't be disappointed.

And there's more than just the show! As I mentioned earlier the motor arena is full of amazing cars on display, and there's loads of stuff to do. There's even a Playstation pitstop where I got to play Assassin's Creed II and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Both amazing games visually, and easy and fun to play, too!

So yeah, go and see Top Gear Live. :) If you want some pictures check out my Top Gear Live Album.

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Nov 21, 09 9:10pm

Last Wednesday Ireland were playing France. It was the World Cup Qualifier, guaranteed to send the winner to South Africa. Ireland were already 1-0 down as France had scored an away goal the previous week.

What a match. Ireland were AMAZING! A small-country team with average players, and we were leading France along a merry dance around the pitch. France were struggling in their own half, and the shots were coming like wildfire for Ireland. Only problem was, we couldn't get the ball in the net.

And then, in the 32nd minute: Robbie Keane Scores
Amazing goal. The run Duff made to save that ball from going wide was amazing, this was a team that could keep Ireland out of the World Cup.

Second half was action packed, but no scores. Plenty of shots, though. So we go to extra time. And then, France score.

Okay, watch this:

I have no problem losing to the better team, but this is depressing. The free kick was an offside, but even worse, Henry handballed to get the goal. TWICE!

Such blatent rule-breaking from an inspirational player is disgraceful. But even worse is the fact that the linesman missed the offside and the double handball. I was watching this in a crowded pub and people were nearly in tears. And watching the irish team's reaction was enough to break your heart.

We've appealed for a replay, but FIFA won't have it. It's a damned shame, and Thierry Henry will be remembered forever.

Nov 20, 09 2:40am
says: "Ireland Vs France- A sad day for football"
Nov 19, 09 2:48am
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Oct 31, 09 1:58am

So, yesterday was mid-blowing! =D

Having made a short video for Youtube during the summer, I won a competition for the most views against 3 other videos made by others. The prize- A free iPod and a day's internship in Google!

Okay, so I'm still waiting for my iPod. >.> And I did have to send 3 emails to remind Google about my prize, so I'll sort that out soon enough. But Google HQ is AMAZING.

We walk into reception. On the wall there is a huge projection of Google Earth on the wall, flying around to random places! Pretty cool. But beside it, a list of random words and phrases scrolling down. Our guide told us it was a live feed of things people are Googling right now. Such spying capabilities! @_@

Upstairs we came across the visitor computers, so I proudly sent a PM saying "I'm on a computer in Google!"

We then had a game of foosball, as there was a table nearby (My team won, obviously). We ran into a few more along the way and asked how many there were. There's one on every floor. xD

The furniture there is amazing; beanbags and comfy chairs EVERYWHERE. Though everyone has a desk there is no obligation to use them. You can take your laptop, sprawl out on a beanbag and work with the building's WiFi. =D

Now, even with this leniency I don't know how anyone gets any work done. There are Games Rooms EVERYWHERE. Each one has a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Rock Band, hooked up to a huge projector screen. Quite a few have massage-chairs. If that's not enough, there's a webcam in the corner of every one- If you feel like taking a break you can check the feed on your laptop and head off to any one that's free!

Speaking of free, Googlers can LIVE off their work. We were passing one of the numerous "micro-kitchens", and one of the guys asked if we were allowed to eat in the building, intending to have some crisps from his pocket. Our guide was shocked. "You're hungry?" *leads us to micro-kitchen* "Take whatever you want!" Wow. Every one of these beauties is fully stocked with sweets and drinks, all FREE. It's been scientifically proven that every new recruit on the Google team immediately starts gaining weight. xD

And the canteen is amazing! Well, actually, there's too. We went to the one with sushi and pizza, pizza was goood! =D Steered clear of sushi though. Again, everything there is free, I really don't understand why employees bother going home. We passed a hammock during our tour, and our guide said he once slept in Google!

So yeah, it's basically the greatest job ever. Why can't all work be like this?

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Oct 24, 09 10:43pm

So last night I was watching Rude Tube. It's basically about the most popular videos on Youtube, and has a few cheap laughs. But it was actually quite interesting, or at least some of it was.

A very high-ranking video was one about the guy who came home to Australia to find nobody waiting for him. He then launched a campaign in which he stood outside the airport with a sign, "FREE HUGS". He welcomed complete strangers back home, and I thought it was a really nice gesture. The thing is, people followed his lead and did the same, and thus there was more love in the world.

And it made me realise that I want to make a difference. I want to catch people's attention and more importantly, make them
ponder something important. I want to do something cool, and moving.

I'm now trying to think up some awesome publicity stunt. Ideas?

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