blackomnimon Black_rose
Aug 22, 04 10:24am
hey you signed my guestbok so im signing yours like you asked too and il be your friend if you want to but im not on much anymore so anyway bye.
Vv Black_rose
Dec 2, 03 10:16am
hehehehe ahahahah guwa ahahahhah! well how are ya these days??????????? heheh! well i did noticed that u write the same thing in everyone's guest book too! hahah!
sorry, not completely all here or sane! ciya then!
Kaiba Black_rose
Nov 24, 03 7:17am
You say the same thing in EVERYBODY'S guestbook who signed Vv's guestbook!!!! AND THEY ALL THINK THAT THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT GOT THAT MESSAGE IN THEIR GUESTBOOK'S!!!!! But hey, that's fine by me.
Mensfuff Black_rose
Nov 15, 03 6:06am
Hey Black Rose.

you signed my book, so i thought i'd sign yours. I cancelled a lot of things to make it here, so blah blah blah blah.

welcome, to neoseeker. we hope you enjoy your stay.

Message from
chichi1586 Black_rose
Nov 12, 03 9:38am
You signed my guestbook, so now I'm signing yours.. Do you write or anything?? I write poems sometimes.. Well ttyll

The Slayer Black_rose
Nov 10, 03 12:25am
hey, whats up? do you got xbox live? if so, we could hook up sometime.
Vadron Black_rose
Nov 9, 03 8:47am
well thanks for signing my guest book. I have a little too many friends on neoseeker but will be glad to add you to the list.
[img]http://*snip*:54/154/59/emo/jackson.gif[/img] Look at him go.
Duckmaster Black_rose
Nov 6, 03 4:18am
Hey thanks a lot for signing my guestbook.And if ya wanna be friends that's fine with me.......Here's some pictures for ya

I found these and thought they were cute what do you think?
Duckmaster was here
Archangel Black_rose
Nov 5, 03 11:07am
Aww ... That's so sad ... Don't worry, you will get more friends.

You just have to post more, and try going to Loungin' or the major forums.

That's a good way of making friends ...

The General Final Fantasy Forum is a good place right now. ^^

*Luv ya's! Bye new friend! ^_~
Aeris Black_rose
Nov 5, 03 5:32am
Heh, thanks for signing my guestbook Blak Rose. Heh, so you like Aeris and Aphrodite, ey? You said next best fighter but soes Aphro fight? lol (I guess i misunderstood, lol)

Take care

The Arabian princess Black_rose
Nov 5, 03 4:35am
Hi, Black_rose I can be your friend if you like & thank you for signing my can pm any time......(the arabian princess like to have alot's of cool friends )hehhehe

yuuumm bye sweetie
Vv Black_rose
Oct 7, 03 10:44am
just felt like signing your guest book!
hehehhe! umm.......happy postings and um yea....ciya!
ask me if you need any help on anythings.