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Cold Stream is coming out? About time…
Oct 8, 10 5:11am
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Oct 8, 10 5:09am

I hope I didn't bore anyone at all with the other part of the review. I'll try to keep this from babbling much.

Of course it's good having a map which is challenging, yet always offering oppertunities to both Survivors and Infected. But this game thrives on its replayability. It's that which keeps bringing back people to L4D. So this campaign needed a good amount of variance really. Again I did L4D1 first and although it was good, it did feel a bt flat at times. And I know why.

When L4D2 came out, it expanded on what you could use. The obvious one being melee weapons but the addition on new guns did add another layer, if albeit a rather subtle one. The new SI probably made the biggest impact as it forced survivors to keep moving and campign was not such a good idea anymore. Now usually when I go back to L4D1 to the old guns etc, this isn't much of a problem. But because of the sheer length of these chapters, it can feel a bit repetative at times. I am basing this on not the best ever versus game, but it's suprisingly close to feeling a tad old at times. But get a good game and I doubt you'll feel this.

But when it came to L4D2, this wasn't a problem really. The new SI kept us guessing where the next attack would be from. Luckily I got a versus game in before the bug appeared yesterday. It was very close an no-one could get a good lead. See, on L4D1 you can guess where you might be attacked. Like smokers on rooftops and all that. But it was much harder for L4D2 because of the new SI. It made the campaign a good deal harder too. But I always felt one thing as I played. The old SI do seem more suited to 'The Sacrifice' then the new ones. But I guess it makes a change for the other campaigns where hunters had serious problems sometimes and spitters could destroy teams like in 'The Passing'.

While I was playing my versus game, I noticed something that is for all versions of The Sacrifice. That sadly is the lack of some lines from the Survivors. After the mayhem over getting Jim French back for Bill, I was dissapointed that VALVe didn't make full use of getting lines from our Voice Actors. Sure, they have a good deal of campaign related stuff done, but you really notice when it comes to items. Basically all of the new items haven't got their own lines. So Adrenaline, Bile bombs, Melee weapons and Defibs if they are in The sacrifice or No Mercy (haven't seen any). It's not a disaster, but it's very niggling and it's a shame really. But that is one of my bigger critisisms.

However, this versus game did actually become a candidate for my 'Game win of the year' in one of the most suprising comebacks I've ever seen on L4D. We were trailing going into the finale and after they went first, they did a good amount of the finale. We were in problems as the enemy was quite skilled too. It got worse when we begun the finale as the First tank wiped out Francis and Zoey, leaving me and human-controlled Bill. I have no idea how but we somehow managed to get all the generators on, survive 4 minutes of onslaught, get to the bridge and Bill was able to sacrifice himself with 4 tanks chasing him. So many times we were nearly destroyed, but somehow we got through it and won the versus game by a mealy 6 points from nowhere. It rivals how I was able to get through No Mercy on expert on my own with everyone alive, in green health and all with med-kits. But a fantastic win. I may be going off point here...

So the other thing that was on offer was the No Mercy campaign for L4D2. Now I'm really glad that VALVe did this as it is a good campaign to play on Versus back on L4D1. But coupled with the variety of L4D2, this could be a favourite for L4D2 players. I've also heard of people asking for other campaigns (particually Dead Air) to come onto L4D2 as well. But don't count on this. Remember back when L4D2 was released, VALVe stated that they would expand L4D2, but would NOT render L4D1 obsulete. So I doubt another L4D1 campaign would go to L4D2. There's only 6 on L4D1. L4D2 now has 8.

So the big changes? Well there's one you notice very quickly.

It is *bleep*loads harder.

Chargers are brilliant because of the amount of narrow hallways. Particually cp.3 and cp.4. Spitters are dangerous almost everywhere. Any tight corner could hurt. The area just before you head into the sewers in cp.3 is brilliant for a clever spitter. As for Jockeys, I can't actually say. I did a game but there was barely any jockeys in the gamer for some reason. They could be a big issue at the cp.2 cruscendo, the last part of cp.4 and the finale as well. Of cousre Hunters are still dangerous as is the Smoker. As for the boomer, he's as annoying for the survivors as before. Trust me, chapter 4 is no longer easy. And you can't sit in that corner by the elevator either. You can't camp on No Mercy anymore. And thank god for that. This is a real nice alternative and is a god-send for those who get sick of teams just sitting in a corner during a cruscendo *cough*chapter 2*cough*.

As for the Survivors, the new weapons are quite refereshing actually. Melee weapons help out but the fact there's plenty more guns made the campaign quite fun actually. Maybe becuase teams couldn't just grab the Auto-shotgun and be set for the level. Melee weapons do give more options for the survivors, but I found myself ot using it to much. I've no idea why. I think I forgot I was playing L4D2 LOL. But seriously, I'm very happy here. I didn't think VALVe would put it in. But now that they did, I'm am one happy customer. Thank you very much VALVe.

Closing Statement

So, what do I think of our new DLC? Crash Course wasn't very good and The Passing WAS very good. This DLC's appeal might not have the long-lasting effects that The Passing had, but that had brand new game modes. So it's not a fair comparison. This is better to get for L4D2. There's more in the DLC, more people playing it and also will allow owners of the Passing access for the 5 new mutations that are coming in the next weeks. For 560 MSP and free for PC, you should really get at least the L4D2 version. I'm very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone who owns L4D2. As for the L4D1 version, it is still better then Crash Course was and for traditionalists I would say to get it. But as the fan-base for that is struggling, you may still struggle to find a lobby for The Sacrifice for a small while to come sadly.

I will give 'The Sacrifice' an 7.5/10. The L4D2 version has plenty to offer and keep people interested. The L4D1 version is still good, but can suffer from being predictable and slow at times becuase of the weapon limitations and it does drag down the overall mark. But for those still play L4D1, it's still worth getting in my opinion.

But regardless, it's well worth sacrificing 560 MSP for.

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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Oct 7, 10 8:49am

I remember when Crash Course came out, many critisised it for being a botch job and it could've, and really should've, been better. The came The Passing and I felt it was a tricky campaign but made a wonderful versus map and of course came with the mutations mode which after 6 months is still going strong. So when The Sacrifice finally came out it, like pretty much everything VALVe makes nowadays, hade a lot of hype going for it. I mean it's the final chapter for our L4D1 comrades ad it had to go out in style. So yeah, I was hoping for something very good. Not just for the campaign, but for versus too. The result?

Generally fairly good. I begun with the L4D1 version. Seeing as it's L4D1 survivors I felt it'd make sense to do that first. Or maybe I'm just old... So the story is that the group has caught a train out of the military jail they were in and head Gerogia where they hope to find a sailboat to get out of America. I'll say I actually found the very beginning cool where the survivors come i on the train and shooting the infected. But anyways, the actual campaign.

The chapters are suprisingly long. Remember how Crash Course's 2 chapters were designed to be long? Well The Sacrifice's 3 chapters are also very long. And I mean LONG! Parish Cp.4 was long, but these are bigger. But I was pretty happy with tht levels. The Tier 2 weapons were generally given out 1 at a time every now and again. Health supplies weren't exactly common, but that's a good thing really. There's plenty of high places for Hunters just as VALVe said but Smokers can really make good use of them too. One AI smoker made so much use of it, he nearly killed me. Twice.

Speaking of SI, there are some very good oppertunities for them. The first crucendo for example is a Tank stuck in a Train car. There's a rooftop where Hunters can get some good pounces off but Smokers can be very difficult to deal with. There's a good amount of places for Boomers, Smokers and Hunters. Coupled with supplies that aren't everywhere and this can be a challenging campaign for those higher difficulties...

I kinda liked the variety of places you go through. From a shipping yard to a factory-of-sorts, across a river and eventually into the streets of Georgia. The 2nd crucendo where the birds yet again screw us over is actually hard. You can barely move and your being surrounded on all sides. But there's a mix of open spaces and closed buildings and maybe not so much on L4D1, but on L4D2 I did change my weapon the odd occasion to fit the area. Well done VALVe, you did what you wanted people to do. Change their weapons a bit.

So of course, the major part of this DLC is the finale and most importantly, the sacrifice. As you know from the comic, a member of the team (Bill officially) must turn on a faulty generator so the bridge they are on can be raised out of reach of the swarming infected. The actual map is the same as the Passing's finale and the goal is to turn on 3 generators scattered about the map and then hold out for the bridge to lower so the survivors can get on it. When you turn on the 1st generator, you immeadetly get a tank. You also get a tank after all 3 generators are on and 2 more tanks during the finale just like normal. So you can end up with 2 or maybe even 3 tanks at once.

Eventually the bridge lowers and the team climbs on. But the switch to raise the bridge again fails due to the generator that the L4D2 survivors must fill in The passing fails. So because the infected are still attacking, someone must go back down and restart the generator knowing they won't come back. This is the peak moment of the campaign as 4 (yes 4) tanks come racing towards the team as they decide who will make the run to the generator. Problem is that this is a very hard balance to make and VALVe didn't quite nail it. If you go soon enough you can get to the generator before the tanks get close. Especially if you use Pipe bombs or Bile. Course that's not always the case in Versus but that's coming in a tad bit. The end shows the sacrifice being pummeled by rocks as the bridge is taken out of reach of the infected. It felt a bit anti-climatic tbh. But then I haven't tried it on Expert yet. That will be fun...

So for the campaign, I think it's pretty solid. It's length will appeal to some and be a turn off to others. But it will be frustrating on Expert because these maps can take a good 10-20 minutes sometimes. It can feel like it drags on a bit long I'll admit. But it was cool having a look round.

Now as I load the L4D2 version I wonder what will be the differences. Will the new weapons change much and how will the new SI be on this map? What about the new stuff for No Mercy? And how is versus for the new maps? Well because I don't want to bore you to death (and because it may be half one in the morning...), I will write the 2nd part up tomorrow. If you think I missed anything or want me to look at something in the 2nd part then please tell me. After all, I am the resident info hunter am I not? It's my job. And neither sleet, nor hail, nor zombies will keep me from doing my job for Neoseeker.

But before I go, I will address something that has been a big problem. The problems that faced Crash Course on release have sorta appeared on L4D2. It's not as bad as Crash Course was but the fact a fair amount of object simply don't 'exist' is causing problems. The big one's you need to worry about is the boardwalk at the very beginning, the big stacks of crates and boat in the middle of the river in the 2nd chapter. They are the big ones. Also PC'ers have found a freezing issue in the 2nd chapter. I've no idea if this affects everyone or of any ays to avoid it. I don't play PC sooo...

I can assure you that VALVe are working on this as we speak and we should have a fix in a couple of days or so. Some people may critise VALVe for not putting enough support into L4D. But they WILL fix this. I'm certain. It believe these problems are isolated to The Sacrifice so just be a bit patient and VALVe will get the fix out as soon as possible. Go enjoy No Mercy or something.

But other then that, that's all from me tonight. So I'll see you tomorrow with the rest of the review.


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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Oct 5, 10 5:31am

You decide. I ask this seeing as 'The Sacrifice' is due out in 24 hours. You can put it in the comments or something. And I'm not justtalking about Bill. I mean lot's of examples like a burning building or somehing else. On that, I also noticed how there weren't any comments in the last post. I can only guess everyone's minds were so blown away that you simply forgot to post. Least, I assume that...

So reason I didn't post last week was because not much happened. This week has been plenty more interesting. It all started back on Wednesday. Now I've been wanting to re-sit a exam but there's ben a big problem because I changed schools. Especially because they have diferent exam boards. Now British exam boards hate doing someone else's exams. But I've put it through the channels and so it's in the hands of the gods that are the exam boards. Should have an answer by tomorrow.

I've still been unable to get back on my bike yet. I've been out of the sling for 2 weeks now. But I tried to get back on it Last weekend. I got on and wnet around the block a couple of times. But something still doesn't seem right. So I'm giving it one more week. Besides, the doc said I should be fine then. I just want to get back on before we hit the bad weather.

But anyways, the main part of this is of course the imminent release of 'The Sacrifice'. Now I've been thinking whether to do it on L4D1 or L4D2 first. Seeing as I now have the points for both. I've also been considering whether to use my blog to give my own reviews on the 2 versions of the DLC. Now if you're going to the screen "We'd love you to BS.", then you're in for a treat. Cause after some thought (nearly a coin toss...) I will give my reviews on it here. Tomorrow I will play it on L4D1 when it comes out cause I feel like being a traditionalist. So that's both campaign and Versus. I plan to do L4D2 the following day. I should have the reviews done by the end of the day. I've never done it before when it comes to a whole DLC or a game. So it should be good. And who knows, I may do it again in the near future...

Also, I have been playing Dead Rising 2 a lot and if people want me to give a review on that as well as the Sacrifice then please tell me wither in the comments or PM or just use phsycic powers to transmit the message to my head. Though please not when I'm sleeping. I've been rather bad at remembering dreams lately...

Also, I'm making some changes to my blog as well. Firstly, I am going to start doing them on Sundays instead of Mondays from here on. The reason is because on a Monday, I don't get back home till past 6 usually. Then I've stuff to do and get very little free time. So doing it on a Sunday helps me.

Also, I plan to finally have a name for this blog. Seeing as I'm going to use it plenty (I hope). I'm going to ask around but if anyone has any suggestions, please put them in the comments. I'd love to hear some suggestions. But by next week, I hope to have a proper name for this.

So keep an eye on this in the next few days and please tell me what you think about everyting. But until then, I'll see you tomorrow.

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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Sep 21, 10 5:01am

Well if I had a moment to sit down and actually enjoy it today, that'd be nice. But a cookie for who get's the Beatles song that line came from. Though this is one of the easier ones...

Well I went to the hospital and got the arm checked out. I will say that I haven't worn the sling since Saturday cause I felt I didn't need it. It didn't hurt and the longer I kept my are in the sling, the weaker it would get. So I go to the hospital and the guy says that I don't need the sling anymore. Which is good. But there is a problem...

Cause the arm is still weak, I know I can't do any sports. But when asked about biking, he wasn't very optimistic. I won't be riding for at least this week. Which is a real pain. I want to get back on it ASAP. But I can see why he said not for another week. Not another month! So transport problems are around. But I'll have to 'play it by ear'.

So a quiet week seeing as no work to do and no 360 either. But one busy day. Hospital appointment, then college for about 6-7 hours. Then get back home and find sheets and clear out my room. Then sort out what I'm doing tomorrow. Need to go back to the academy tomorrow but an addition on my timetable has made is very difficult. So an even busier day tomorrow. *sigh*

One other problem I solved today is Dead Rising 2. I've been waiting for it for a while and Case Zero was well worth the 400 points it cost. But one of the problems I've had is my EMA grant. Just to explain to whoever, it's a government grant I can have because my family is on a small income. I get £30 a week last year and should have had it this year too. But a mistake was made and I've had to re-apply... :/

So I've had no money and felt I wouldn't get DR2. But after asking for a favour, my Sister Sarah has helped and ordered it for me so it'll get delivered here. So that's good. Big suprise of DR2 is that it will be released in Europe 4 days before the US and 6 days before the Japanese markets. SINCE WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? I don't mind though. How can I? Can't say the same for Kienen though...Don't worry, I won't bug you.

But this makes us even for L4D2.

But yeah. Next week I'll hopefully be able to get on the bike. But until then, I did promise you something last week, something FFXIII related. Now while searching on youtube for gosh knows what now, I found two clips from IGN that were some of the funniest things I've seen this year. A bit because I know what actually is said. But it's basically their take on what is said in 2 sets of cutscenes. Even if you haven't played FFXIII, this is still funny. I'll give you bo th (SEE WHAT I DID THAR?) clips so enjoy them. See you next week.

Like the guy from Bad Cops. "Viewer discretion is advised."

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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Sep 14, 10 7:52am

Yep, your friendly info hunter has had a bike accident. I'm typing this with one arm because I can't use my left. Well it was on the way back from college and I go through the underpass. Now I haven't had to bike this late yet and it's getting dark. So I turn the bend to go downhill through the underpass on my bike and I suddendly see a blue jacket on a bike. I try to steer away and being a bike I oversteer and go over the bike.

Now you see there was a big problem. It was dark, and the lights for the underpass weren't even on. So the guy saw me long before I saw him. So he was able to move to the side but I couldn't. Hell, if he wasn't wearing a bright jacket, I might have collided into the guy and been very serious. But he checked if I was fine and helped me up and all.

So I start my 30 minute walk to my friend's and the hospital. Yes, he lives next to it. So we go over to A&E and after 2 X-Rays, a tiny fracture was eventually found. So I'm now in a sling for the week. Got a check-up next Monday so I'll fill you in on that. Well here's a pic for ya all...

Sister's camera. And see Kienen? I'm not black!

So my gaming career is halted for a week, but I'm lucky it's not longer. I'll live, but this a pain. I'm probably taking the week of college for medical leave. I can't really walk without much pain. So it's TV, films and the internet for me. Not a bad perscription I'd say.

So this definately overshadows what I would've said about. But oh well. These things happen.

Well I guess I'll see you guys and girls around. Though I'll leave you with a cool piece of FFXIII music. I'll have some comedy stuff for you on FFXIII next week. And the Beatles too.



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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Sep 9, 10 7:13am

It's not going to be easy. I know this isn't Monday, but I felt why not.

So my new school year starts tomorrow. Only real reason I'm going so far for my studies is because I screwed up last year. My cycling is sort of a half-punishment. And it'll feel like that for a bit. New place, new people, new problems. But isn't that how it always works in life? I'm going retorical. Another bad habit.

I know of just 2 people going there too. Out of a couple hundred. Tom's a good guy, though he can sometimes be misguided. He'll be the only one I personally know even though he has completely different classes. He has one of his friends going there too. Though I don't think I know them. I never wanted to go somewhere so 'alien' feeling. Some people relish in being in this situation but I don't. It made things very difficult with my Chemistry as it was in the nearby school, not our own. I was lucky though. My best friend was with me and we met someone in the class that we had't seen for about 6 years which helped us fit in. But now it's different. And it worries me.

The reason for that worry is back 5 years ago. I went into my secondary (or high) school with my band of mates. Problem was we got seperated in the classes and I was on my own. I didn't know a single soul and I had about a week until someone actually approached me. Well a group of 6 were, as they put it, curious about me. About why no-one really asked me anything when they thought I was a good person. It was a friendship that really helped not just then, but 6 months later when I got into a fight with 2 people in my class. I'm no fighter at all. I hate it. And I would've got seriously hurt too if they hadn't come and helped. I asked to be moved and the school agreed. And on my asking, I was reunited with my old friends. But I still contacted the one's I had made and they looked out for me. I don't think I ever said 'Thanks' enough. I think they knew though.

But anyway, I'm getting a tad sad writing about this. I was bullied on and off for 9 years straight and what did I do wrong? Nothing expect say something about it sooner. This is all history, I don't know why I'm going on about it. Never mind.

Well tomorrow could be very important. The Academy was fine, but I knew mot people who were there. I guess "It can only go well from here..."

Though I'm not so certain...


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Black_Shadow_93 blogged
Sep 7, 10 8:42am

Well it's about time I actually did this. I mean it shouldn't take a month to do a blog post, but oh well.

So of course everyone is now starting up the school year. I'm no exception but I didn't actually know where I was going for the next 2 years until Thursday. For those who don't know, I was at the MK academy last year for my first year of 6th Form (for you Americans, that's the first year of school where you don't have to go. Dunno what you call it). But I had a bad, complicated year and the A Level grades were poor. I wanted to stay at the academy because I was good friends with the students and teachers there and it's a 10 minute walk there. But they eventually refused to let me re-sit my maths which I failed.

So I talk with the MK college instead and I finally secured my place there earlier today. Only problem is that the college is 3 buildings around Milton Keynes. There's A levels, BTEC and then all of the design tech and that kinda stuff. The A Levels are all 40 minute bike ride away. Far from ideal. But I don't mind too much. I had to get back on it and I could do with the workout cause I hate gyms. What's the point and the fun?

In fact this summer holiday has been by far the weirdest I've had. On top of the school stuff, I had family stuff too. My Dad (who I hadn't been in contact with for 3 years and hadn't really been in my life) got lung cancer cause he smoked. He came round to my house early 3 mondays ago and me and my sister Louise were still asleep. But my Mum never told me he came round. I only found out after a hand-writen letter about a week later. It's a long history. Lot of bad blood between my Mum and Dad. Well Mum hates him but Dad tries to move on.

Long story short, I go see him 10 days ago, Mum's pissed but eventually gets over it and now I'm trying to form some sorta relationship with my Dad. It'll be a long process, but I think the rewards are worth it.

So I think that'll do for now. I've more to go on about but I don't wanna bore anyone. This is enough for now. My plan is to a post either every Monday or every other Monday depending on the week. But this'll be an intereting few weeks for me.

Just to warn you, watch out for various Beatles references in the next several posts. ;)

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Aug 24, 10 8:52am
Currently Hunting: The Sacrifice Info
Aug 8, 10 9:02pm
I found it suprisingly interesting. But that's cause it's my kinda thing. HexicHD
Aug 8, 10 8:55pm
A diamond in the rough... FinalFantasy7DirgeOfCerberus
Aug 8, 10 8:44pm
100% on this took me 146 Hours. This was when I had nothing else to do though. Worth it though. FinalFantasyXIITheZodiacAge
Aug 8, 10 8:43pm
A true classic. That will never change. FinalFantasy7
Aug 8, 10 8:03pm
The most anticipated game for me at the moment. Case Zero is out at the end of August. DeadRising2
Jul 18, 10 7:41pm
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Apr 22, 10 12:42am
Currently Hunting: L4D1 DLC Info
Apr 21, 10 6:07am
Currently Hunting: Passing's Game modes
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Currently Hunting: Passing Release Date
Feb 15, 10 7:42pm
The Passing out late March!!!

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