rambo2k5 Black_Dranzer
Aug 07, 07 12:47pm
i sure are!i havn't made a stamp on GIMP yet so ill just stick my sig in

Swampert9878 Black_Dranzer
Aug 20, 06 2:29am
Thanks for making ,me a ub!

Please sign back!
ShinyLatias Black_Dranzer
Aug 16, 06 2:37am

you have just been stamped by shinylatias! wooo! can you please help me out with my website lol. thanks for offering btw, it was really kind of you, and i can use all the help i can get
mewtwomaniac Black_Dranzer
Aug 14, 06 1:42am
Nice flaming in the pokemon sapphire forum.

You are about to be stamped by:

you have been stamped by mewtwomaniac.

Plz signback

MagmaTyphlosion X Black_Dranzer
Oct 18, 05 5:10pm
Dranzer, I wanted to come here and sign your guestbook to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope to chat to you soon!

Raikou376 Black_Dranzer
Jul 18, 05 5:42am
Hello,I am Raikou376.I am signing your GB so you can sign mine cuz none have signed mine yet:( You are pretty cool and I hope we can become neofriends soon:D
emerl chao Black_Dranzer
Jul 03, 05 11:24pm
hey i made my first stamp and i wanted to share with people and i know it isnt the best but here
hope u like it and i will improve on the stamp making and probably move on to avy and banner making
emerl chao Black_Dranzer
May 05, 05 12:56am
hi ive only been here for like three months so i dont have much neofriends so i hope we could become friends and hopefully help each other and see each other in the forums
MagmaTyphlosion X Black_Dranzer
Apr 21, 05 10:50pm
Hey, Dranzer. I did say I would guestbook, didn't I? Well, it's really a return for you being the 1st to sign mine. Thanks for doing that, pal!
lordevil Black_Dranzer
Apr 16, 05 6:11am
Well, I can tell that you are a Beyblade fan. Anyway, enjoy the stamp!

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. See ya!
DareDevil5 Black_Dranzer
Mar 31, 05 11:41pm
Hey Dranzer! Just wanted to show ya my new stamp:

Show me any new stamps of yours in my GB . PM me later!
serpent Black_Dranzer
Mar 26, 05 9:06pm
you were the first person to sign my guestbook.so here iam signing yours.

Taillow Black_Dranzer
Mar 15, 05 5:11am
Hey, Black_Dranzer. Just wanted to show you my new stamp.

DareDevil5 Black_Dranzer
Feb 26, 05 3:54am
Heres the final one ( Sorry for signing 3 times :/ )
DareDevil5 Black_Dranzer
Feb 26, 05 3:51am
Hey Dranzer . . . Like my new stamp?

I think it's alright. PM me on what cha think.
Taillow Black_Dranzer
Feb 25, 05 5:20am
I said I would sign again when I get a stamp so that's what I'm doing.

Taillow Black_Dranzer
Feb 20, 05 10:27pm
Thanks for signing my Guestbook. Now I'm signing yours. I'll sign again when I make a stamp. Talk to you later.

DareDevil5 Black_Dranzer
Feb 19, 05 11:13pm
Well I hope ya like the new stamp that I made. Hopefully you sign my guestbook.

dtimmy14 Black_Dranzer
Feb 19, 05 11:00pm
Hey dude thanks for signing my Guestbook I apprecate it

Ajax Black_Dranzer
Feb 19, 05 2:39am
hay black dranzer ive read some of your posts and you sound like a cool guy. so i was wondering if you wanted to be my neofriend?
Driger_Thunder Black_Dranzer
Feb 13, 05 10:50pm
For BD's sake, I'm gonna tell ya all what.

Yello = Yo + Hello

Hope that helps ya, Black_Dranzer.
Gonna steal your thunder
Comin' up from under
I've got your number
I'm the underdog

Gonna steal your ground
Turn your head around
Gonna shake you down
Cause I'm the underdog
Driger_Thunder Black_Dranzer
Jan 16, 05 7:08pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook, so I'm signing your's! Sweet neohome. You got to tell me how to change the background like that. Oh, and thanks for the link to Pokémon Netbattle. That place is awesome!

DT, signing out. Heh heh.
Deoxys Master Black_Dranzer
Apr 17, 04 7:48pm
Hey BD, hey you need a little bit more on neohome, Yours isn't so bad, but it's needs more! I'm not bragging about it, but mine is a little bit better, something like mine. I need pics on my home, tell how on NeoPM, or my guestbook.
no ofense Dude.
time warp dragon x Black_Dranzer
Apr 14, 04 10:12pm
was up you know me. i'm signing your guestbook. do you want to be neo friends? you like pokemon and beyblade just like me. well bye
Deoxys Master Black_Dranzer
Apr 13, 04 5:44pm
Hi, i'm Deoxys Master, me and you see each other from time to time, in pokemon coll,Fr, and Lg. i was just cruisin past peoples profile, and i wanted to know if you could sign in my guestbook because I had signed in yours, and also, you are new, right? I wondered, since you have no Neo-friends, right? If you want to sign in my guestbook, and answer me then all right?