Raawwk! I'm the evil Bit Beast Kai used on the Demolition Boys' team. Heh heh.

I'm actually a pretty shy person. In forums I try to be nice and help out, and talk a lot more to people than I would in real life.

I've grown up as a PokéFreak, and was always given some sort of respect for it. Since early fall '06, I became interested in Naruto, and I'm becoming almost more of a Naruto Freak than a Pokémon one, if I haven't already. I feel somewhat saddened by this fact, but people do change over time.

I make AMVs as a member of Panic Studios. You can find some of the stuff I've worked on on YouTube, or by simply going to our site.


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I may fall, but from ebony embers I shall rise once again.
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Review: Beyblade V-Force: Ultimate Blader Jam - Let It Rip!

Aug 14, 2005

I was a little skeptical about purchasing this game, but I did and I don't regret it. You get to play as the four main characters (although you don't chose when). This is one of those games that are hard to put down until its beat. I really got...

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