You have a cool name, good luck on 10,000 posts.

Hello everyone! Here is a little something for you all! I hope you like this Christmas E-Card!!



Whats goin on man? I hear ya like Avenged Sevenfold.......... YOU ROCK! i can't for there next album, well i hope you sign my guestbook because i'm givin ya this "stamp"-

Keep it real
HI! Just one of those stamp-like things.

Hail Him and [link name=SIGN BACK][/link] Thanks

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You have a nice day now.


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Hi and thanks for signing my guestbook. I couldn't come sooner(since I just looked at my guestbook)so I guess I'll sign at your new name too. Hope I see ya around the forums!

Angel Blade27
Man your so sexy Its too bad you had to go oh well have fun in the dead peoples place at neo.
wait is there one......
no point in wondering about stuff
Don't worry! There will be porn! just follow this link and you will get porn! Lek

thanks for signing my G-book, i need some sigs in it. Yeah im really glad that I changed my new name, gets me to open up, and Black I dont think anyone hates you, i dont, but just keep hanging around FFx-2 because thats where I am all the time.
Congratulations with your 1000th post. Now up to the 2000th post . I guess it will take some time before I reach the 1000
I just signning with a friendly stamp of my U-name. I don't expect you to sign my guestbook in repay, but if you do, Thank you very much

Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Yo thought I should sign your Guestbook you seem to be a brain at FFVII and the Neo team thing kicks ass I'll seeya in the forums oh and by the way You're going down

JK Signed
Cloud n Tifa/Dylan
Hey hows it going BlackScythe haha sorry to gang up on you in the neo team but you were the leader. So keep supporting the FF7 forum and sign my guestbook if you can l8r.

damn thabnks for bringing the neo team back i shoulda done this awhile ago hehe noone posts in this guestbook but iwill and this new neo team will rock ashooe,so waych out

Hay. What's up BlackScythe? I think your cool. I think these things are cool. Well, anywho try to get more people on NeoChat. Were trying to get as much as possible. Ok. Do you like my White Teeth. I hope ya do. And I just talked to Redemption. He said my new awsome smilies are coming to Neo. I hope you like them!

lol i like talking to you in my neoseeker chatroom that i have recreated alot of times. i hope you get to be the mod of the FFI forum because you probably know more then anyone there.Man i love kicking corn.