While I get that right now it's 72 regions vs 13 in this current console war it must be concerning... read more

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I'd heard about this game and a supposed cousin named "bear simulator" but never...
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Well One sales went up by like 96% in the UK with the release of Titanfall so...
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Police states now and What next? Ads from NSA, FBI, CIA, all those paranoid communist...
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Will it beat the speed of light?
Not quite, it's actually travelling at 99.5% the speed... read more

The whole death prediction thing is stupid as everything comes in and out of popularity over the... read more

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Not just that but Japan is heavy with gaming on the go so handhelds do better than...
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If this consistency increases to more sales, then it could easily surpass the PS4 sales...
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Never say never.. Nintendo licensed out several of their key characters including Mario in the... read more

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The tech world is talking about 2k and 4k TVs that will become common in 6 years...
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8% won't do a thing.. 8% will probably give a game like Tomb Raider a more stable 30FPS instead of... read more

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Also we need Xbox One to maintain sales like it has this month. It...
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