CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Feb 14, 09 8:47pm

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Dec 15, 08 1:35pm
Yay for being a Pantera nerd like me. =D

Shame that you don't live near me. :/
Yuki Nagato Black Zeppelin
Sep 21, 08 5:08pm

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Aug 24, 08 7:41pm

Thought I'd stamp!
Thanks for being a great friend!
Can't wait to talk more!

I's was thinking of stamping you, and telling you congratz on your growth towards understanding the complicated science of being taken. (:
Msld Black Zeppelin
Aug 20, 08 8:55am
I signed too much on CCS.

So I must sign on Msld. Thanks for being a kickass brother and friend. <3

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Aug 04, 08 11:33am
I'm coming to sign your guestbook, yet again!

Haven't talked to you much. Hope you're ok and no, I don't stalk you. xD *can see you sighing of relief*

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Jun 23, 08 5:34am

Another stamping from me. I swear to gawd, I'll completely take over the most awesome person I've even known's guestbook! *COUGH*youz*COUGH*

Msld Black Zeppelin
Jun 16, 08 3:01pm
Hey Tim! How's my bestest buddeh?

Can't wait for summer, maybe we could talk more then. =D
CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
May 06, 08 2:47pm
Signing from Kia...

and one more signing that lets me rule your guestbook! MUAHAHAHA. Anywayz, always fun talking to you ;3

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Apr 30, 08 4:55pm
You may have taken over my quotes section! BUT

I have taken over your guestbook! Feel special, you're prolly the person I've stamped the most! >=E
Dark Arcanine Black Zeppelin
Apr 28, 08 8:59pm
Enjoy your stampage old friend, I know we don't see much of each other these days but the memories will just keep going.

So here be a stamp for you enjoy.

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Apr 22, 08 7:25am

Yesh, I stole your guitar. Makes a nice background your guitar does.
Msld Black Zeppelin
Apr 13, 08 5:08pm
Shakugan no Shana...

and Msld(now Kia's account) have stamped your guestbook! =D

..:.. .::. ... Msld ... .::. ..:..
CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Mar 27, 08 4:04pm

Always fun talking to you on msn! =D Glad you finally got your guitar. I demand pics now. ^^

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Mar 15, 08 1:36pm

Sorry, I just had to put Timothy as the subject for this stamp. XD DON'T KILL ME! ;-;

Amber_jade Black Zeppelin
Feb 23, 08 5:25am

Lol, got ya! Thanks for being such a great friend =D
CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Jan 30, 08 5:55pm
You're lucky you don't have a snowy winter!

Ugh, how can you people want to have snow. xD Any ways enjoy the depressing winter colors of this stamp, which is missing white.
Crystal Creation Black Zeppelin
Dec 16, 07 2:54pm
Hello there. I haven't signed your Guestbook yet have I? Well now I have.
I hope I get to know you better, and all that stuff.

See you around the forums:

ShibaInuLuver Black Zeppelin
Dec 08, 07 6:40pm
Hello XD Grr not being able to stamp any more on the CCS account D= I should be able to stamp as many times as I want on your GB with out having a evil note come up!

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Nov 10, 07 4:56pm
well, I first got lost in Richies GB! Now I some how wondered into yours, in search for the skittle falls! xD You're a good friend, no a great friend and I hope to talk to you more! But for now, to the skittle falls!

CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Oct 16, 07 11:40am
hahaha, I just had to say that! xD back on to the subject! You're a really awesome friend, I enjoy talking to you on msn, you're a really nice guy, and stay nice! lol! >=D

Luxray Black Zeppelin
Sep 09, 07 1:00pm
Prepare... For this awesoem stamp! Or maybe not... I hope you like it. Go MegaDeth!

Emoliciousnot Black Zeppelin
Aug 25, 07 6:39pm

I'm just signing guest books with my new stamps
CardCaptor Sakura Black Zeppelin
Aug 24, 07 2:27pm

Though I would sign your GB! =D with sprites, no stamp! XD any ways, your a really great friend, love to talk to ya on MSN! See ya!

dandy01 Black Zeppelin
Aug 18, 07 10:34am

Everything should be explained on the stamp. ^^ Thanks.