Hey! Thanks for signing my questbook. Glad tou like the FAQ. Where are you? I havent seen you at the GT2 forum in ages. See you around buddy.
Thank you Black Jones for those very
kind words,I try my best to be as much
help as possible there on the AC2 forum.
It maybe several years old and not as
outstanding as AC-04,but it still one
of my all time favorits.

Well I just thought I too would take the
time to sign your guess book and I hope
you had a excellent Christmas and hope
that the new year will be a great one
for you.

Michael Molina.
You signed my questbook so I'm signing yours. (I always do that) Are you like a forum maniac? You posted in everything in the Spyro 2 main forum. Anyway, I guess I will see you later!!
Thanks for signing my guestbook! How did you get that Pikachu on your photo? Or did you do something else? I'll see you later! Bye.
Yeah, I'm a gurl of course. Ur welcome for the avatar. I'm glad someone listening to me for once.......*Wakes up* Whoa! I had I nightmare I was signing some guys guestbook and....AHHHH!!!!
>.<*How lame* Oh, well.

Melody was here....Lol....
Hey Thanks for all your help in the forums so far. You've been a great deal of help!

You signed mine so its only nice to sign yours back! I wander where Kurt has been? Oh well! See you around. SEEEEEE YYYYYAAAAAA
Well I don't really know you but you signed my book so it's only proper to sign back. Catch ya later in the forums. Peace.


was here

i read your sig and it said to sign it so i did, if you want to sign mine feel free

signed by DeSoLaTiOn
I used the worng tag.

Hi I am signing your guestbook cause you said to,lol.


[link name=

[link name=]http://lod-squared.com/sephybanner.jpg[/link]

You thought Amourette was a guy? Hahahaaah...! That's pretty funny, man.

Anyway, just here to sign your guestbook...
Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.
Hi Black Jones. I'm a girl.

Hi Black Jones, I signed you guestbook. You seem to always want someone to sign it, so here you are. I hope that you sign mine now!