1.Hair Color:Black and brown

2.Interest:i like action,adventure,shooting,simulation games.


4.Eye color:Brown

5.I own:Ps1,Pc,ps2.

6.Fav sport:Football,Hockey,Basketball.


Am interest in computer games like Driver and Driver2,GTA,GTA2,wipout 2097,Tekken3,Gran Turismo2.


{}-{GT2}-{Tekken3}-{Yoshi's island:SMA3}-{Driver2}
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Review: Gran Turismo 2 - Speed is the key

Oct 13, 2002

If you are a die hard driving games fan,then this is the right game for you.Look at the cars in detailed and look at the tracks especialy the rally tracks they looks so real.I reconmand you to buy this game.

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