Its probably time I redid this, it needs to have some more interesting stuff in it I think. Except I have no idea what to write really, my head is full of nothing but music. I can write music in my head, and it plays non stop. Gift? or just plain annoying? Both! Its helped me though, since I have such an incredible memory, I can memorise an entire song and play its exact sound in my head when I'm bored, or whenever really.
I play guitar, I have started to play harder songs, usually played stuff like Led Zep or AC/DC, but now I am playing stuff liek Megadeth and Anthrax. If I could ever play a Dragonforce song I would. That would take hours and hours.

I came here on the 28th or 29th of January, I don't remember but anyway I signed up as Louis_sheltie and mainly posted in the nintendogs forums cause I thought they were the only ones. Then I found all the Pokemon forums, Loungin, Intellectual Exchanges, basically all the lounges and all these really interesting forums. IN March just before the holidays I signed up as BlackZeppelin, or BZ as many would come to know me as. IN May after all the hype of Pokemon Diamond and such I changed to Torterra but changed back in about 1-2 months. No Idea why. I also had Tornado of Souls, but that only lasted a day or 2. Anyway and so I was a regular member like everyone else: Logged in, posted, commented, PMed, logged out that kinda jazz. In September just before I went on holidays to japan my brother hacked into my account and spam raided loungin cause my account to be perma banned. I then campaigned (sorta) and asked for help from the lovely Sakura (sadly she left but I'll be forever grateful) and I was unpermabanned but am on probation. Better than nothing though! On friday once I graduate I wait until about 9PMish my time and I can post as much as I want again. But I won't spam as much as I used to. Or flame...I am a changed neo resident.

Yep, quite a large portion of this year I was a drinker. Got drunk a few times and have been hungover its awful. It was no good, and I couldn't remember things. But it was when I had to go to school with a hangover, thats what showed me the light! I decided I would quit drinking, it was a necessity otherwise that would happen again. And I would not want it to!

Yeah the reason I started was due to being depressed, some things in life just get you down you know? Its getting out that you need to do. I have almost died, a few times, not by accident either. A dark time it was...

Yeah some of this was caused by a girl who stabbed my heart more times that I would want to put on anyone. Its awful being drawn in and reassured and then destroyed again and again and again. Finally we're both past it eh? Shame we never got to go out but oh well some things aint meant to happen aye?
Well I asked the question on new years, the answer was a yes...If only life was that good really...turns out it was never meant to continues to move on however. Hell if I died tomorrow time would not stop for me, for almost everyone on this rock, the day would be just like any other. Its not like anyone cares anyway...

I'm telling you now this bio woulda been a lot different if I had written it months ago. It woulda been dark, evil and depressing. It may sorta be but I'm not trying to make it that way!!! Gotta be happy, keep your spirits high and most of all never give up no matter how hard things get. Yeah life has got me down, yeah I've wished I would die sometimes but thats the past! Always look forward never behind, the future is more important than the past, you need to live for today, or tomorrow, not for yesterday!

Although there is...hate. I do hate many people because of what they've done, I try to keep myself happy all the time but sometimes mother****ers like those people just take it too far, and its so annoying...In fact it gives me the s**ts, but at least I know those who annoy are usually derros and i know they won't go far in life, so im fine with them doing it now, they need just wait until later life. Beg at my feet and I'll spit on you. And I am not kidding.

Keep in mind I am a Christian, I do believe in God, he's saved my life, I think he treats me like garden crap but hey I can't do anything about it. I wish I could...

Btw, there used to be a neofamily, but they're a bunch of bullshit just like neo marriages, neo gfs bfs and all that kinda bullshit. What made me wait this long before I saw the light is very odd, who knows?

Well lucky for me Sakura is such a great mod, cause i got perma banned for somethin i didn't do, and now im back, i may be on probation for 2 months, but its better than nuthin. Thanks Sakura!

Yes yes this bio has been severly changed as Bob Dylan once wrote, "oh the times they are a changin". And they times they have changed oh so much. For the better, never for the worse. I was stupid in the old days, I was blind but finally sees the bloody light. BTW I highly doubt any of this will matter, as I am here to browse the forums once a day, post maybe 1-2 times a day, I don't really care much for neo anymore. I am basically a dead member, and eventually i will be, but remember what I said before. No one will care, it won't matter, life on neo will continue without a fuss. IF anyone does care, thats just all.


I love music its pretty much my life lol. Without it well you know I wouldn't be me!!!
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Sabbath
Black Stone Cherry
The Doors
Def Leppard
Dire Straits
Guns N' Roses
Iced Earth
Iron Maiden
Jimi Hendrix
Judas Priest
Led Zeppelin
Queens of the Stone Age
The Sword
Symphony X
ZZ Top

Favorite albums:
Highway to Hell-AC/DC
Back in Black-AC/DC
Flick of the Switch-AC/DC
Fly On the Wall-AC/DC
Led Zeppelin IV-Led Zeppelin
Presence-Led Zeppelin
Disraile Gears-Cream
The Doors-The Doors
Strange Days-The Doors
Dire Straits-Dire Straits
Comminique-Dire Straits
Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits
Are You Experienced?-Jimi Hendrix
Runnin Wild-Airbourne
Spreading the Disease-Anthrax
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Rust in Peace-Megadeth
United Abominations-Megadeth
Countdown to Extinction-Megadeth

15.Waiting for the Sun-The Doors-Their third album, and very mellow sounding, it sounds really cool and I quite like it. Especially Hello I Love you and Love Street. Rating 68/100
14.Airbourne Runnin Wild-A brilliant debut from a brilliant band, thats all I can say really. Rating 69/100
13.SPreading the Disease-An awesome album by Anthrax, some awesome metal anthems like Medusa and Madhouse. All the songs are around the same length which is a bit of a letdown. Rating 70/100
12.Master of Puppets-Yes I know this is Metallica's best thrash album, I'm not the hugest fan of Metallica though. They're good, and this album is damn good. Rating 71/100
11. Strange Days-The Doors second album, and my favorite Doors album, awesome from start to finish. Rating 73/100
TOP 10-
10.Cryptic Writings-A Megadeth album, and the last before Risk. It may be a little mainstream for Megadeth, doesn't make it bad though... Rating 75/100
9.Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath's brilliant debut, apart from the last 2-3 songs I love this album all over. The Wizard is enough to put this album in the top ten lol. Rating 78/100
8.Back In Black-AC/DC's comeback after Bon died, not a single bad song on this album its brilliant. Rating 80/100
7.Highway to Hell-UNfortunately AC/DC's last album with Bon, its good they got this one out before he died because it pretty much is the album they made them famous. Rating 80/100
6.United Abominations-Megadeth's newest album, and it brought them back from the darkest ages. Apart from 2 songs, its brilliant thrash. Rating 84/100
5.Holy Diver-Dio's debut album. Absolutely brilliant Heavy metal/Hard Rock this is, it is hard not to like this if you like Rainbow or Black Sabbath during the Dio years. Rating 86/100
4.Rust In Peace-What a damn good album this is. Apart from Dawn Patrol, the album is brilliant thrash/speed form start to finish. Without Dawn Patrol, this album would slightly even more awesome. Rating 88/100
3.Paranoid-Black Sabbath;s best album imo. ONly one crap song on this album and that is Rat Salad. Apart from that, this album is brilliant heavy metal and has a riff anyone can recognise *coughcoughIron Man coughcough* Rating 90/100
2.Presence-Led Zeppelin's second last album, Jimmy Page said this was his favorite and I agree with him. Its their best imo as well. All their other albums had acoustic work or keyboards, which is good, but this album was just raw hard rock/heavy metal, the way it should be played. rating 91/100

I'm prepared if people read this for critisism. They say oh no Megadeth went commercial. WHO CARES? It may be them trying to break into Mainstream, but the thrash is still there, even if its fading away. But the heavy metal is just great, if Megadeth had just been a heavy metal band and released albums like this, Cryptic Writings and Countdown to Extinction all the time, they would have been more successful. Unfortunately the talent of players such as Friedman and Mustaine woulda been wasted...Anyway here's a summary of the tracks. Rating 92/100
Reckoning Day: With its chugging riff and brilliant vocals its hard not to like it if your a deth fan. Excellent solos by Friedman. 10/10
Train of Consequences:A great muted riff and awesome vocals about the dangers of gambling. Solo is good, but not great. 9/10
Addicted to Chaos: The most melodic song on this album. Great solo and great chorus. Rating 8.5/10
A Tout Le Monde-An awesome song about the last moments in life, short but memorable solo, and awesome chorus. Rating 10/10
Elysian Fields-A Brilliant riff, a little repetitive, a catchy chorus and a cool harmonica solo rating 8/10
The Killing Road-Homeage to their thrash days, a brilliant riff and great solo by Friedman 9/10
Blood of Heroes-A little slow but the riff is very catchy. A good wah wah solo as well. Rating 8.5/10
Family Tree-An Interesting song about incest and rape I believe. Not as good as the rest but still good 8/10
Youthanasia-A slow and dragging dark track on this brilliant album.It fits in perfectly.
I thought I knew It all-A Bit forgettable but still good, riff is a little similar to Blood of Heroes. 8.5/10
Black Curtains-A dark and bloody brilliant song and brilliant solos 10/10
Victory-Now one day I started telling people "Killing is my Business" and it sure is if your Mustaine. 2nd best song on this album. 10/10


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