6'5, age 23 and I like to play basketball & video games with my friends. I used to be on a Sponsored clan and I also picked up some extra money when I won certain games, but after a while it was getting old and interfering with my school work, so I told them I was done. I play games now just for fun, but some day I might get back into tournament or clan play. I'm also on facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Send me a friend request or follow me on Twitter if you want @BkLiveWire.


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Review: Hour of Victory - Better then I thought

Jul 7, 2007

First with the good points. The graphics are really good and the enemy soldiers acts just the way you would expect them to. They run and hide for cover whenever they can. It is not real easy to get past the enemy soldiers. The A.I. is not too bad....

Matt Handel

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