Iffy on book detail still awesome tho. HarryPotterandTheOrderOfThePhoenix
I saw the trailer it looks amazing i want to see it the day its out! HarryPotterandTheHalfBloodPrince
Well done movie amazing book detail. HarryPotterandTheGobletOfFire
Good show starter it got me wanting more. HarryPotterandTheSorcerersStone
Watched it recently it was very funny. Anchorman
PLayed it a few times at my friends house. Has overly detailed gore. Its awesome! AgeOfConanUnchained PC
Beat it with my little bro it was very fun but annoying somtimes. TheLordOfTheRingsTheReturnOfTheKing PS2
Played it once at my friends house it was awesome. I would totally buy it! TheLordOfTheRingsTheBattleForMiddleEarth PC
Didnt spend much time on it but it was great. MoonTycoon PC
I played it at my friends and it was awesome. ZooTycoon2ExtinctAnimals X360
I played it at my friends and got really addicted and i want to get it. ZooTycoonDinosaurDigs PC
Very good game odd graphics but awesome! RollerCoasterTycoonLoopyLandscapes PC
Very fun graphics are bad but oh well AgeOfEmpiresRiseOfRome PC
Awesome game. Better all around. AgeOfEmpires3 PC
Great game rally fun even when you beat the campagne theres more to do. Very good upgrade from age of empires. AgeOfMythologyTheTitans PC
Graphics are terrible but it is so much fun. I like to play it wen i have free time. AgeOfEmpires2TheConquerors PC

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