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  • "its ok but it lacks the fun feel of the thirst game Overlord2"
    nasty nappa Jun 19, 11 10:18am
  • "WOHOOO... I officially mark this my "I've Platinum'd Overlord II" Post Just managed to get the Dominator Trophy, and with it the Platinum Overlord2"
    Krunal Jul 19, 09 2:08pm
  • "Okay, I've only got to find the Blue Minions and then Complete the Wasteland and I'll be done with the game :D:D Overlord2"
    Krunal Jul 18, 09 11:39pm
  • "*phew* I think I got through that with all of them alive... should mean I can get the final Trophy now... well another 2 more hours to go... Overlord2"
    Krunal Jul 18, 09 2:01pm
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