DQ Maniac Bill Gates
Apr 17, 05 2:15am
I have a higher counter than you!

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... There, that should meet the minimum character requirement.
Dr Zoidberg Bill Gates
Apr 1, 05 5:04am
Hey, Im a doctor.. as you can tell!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP.. Please send me money, as for I found out doctors are supposed to be rich!

Dugene Bill Gates
Mar 4, 05 8:11am
You old geezer, your 49 years old hahaha.

Go home grampa.........hahaha.

49 years of age , you should be ashamed of yourself.

Thats a bad Bill Gates a very bad bill gates.

give me money
zechs Bill Gates
Jan 23, 05 8:21am
im noy going to ask you forany thing but knowlege how old do you have to be to work for you and nice house and hope you live to be old and have gray hair.

best wishes to you and your family

MyShilohMy Bill Gates
Dec 30, 04 12:04pm
I know a lot about Neoseeker, so if you EVER have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

If you have the time sign my guestbook too:)
DQ Maniac Bill Gates
Sep 30, 04 5:40pm
Dinosoid Bill Gates
Aug 9, 04 6:03am
man, I'd never thought that you are a member of neo.
If you are the real BG, then you're got to be the luckiest dude alive. with all the money.
my cousin works for you in seattle, please tell him to gimme back my money, and if he doesn't, fire his ass.
MP3 Bill Gates
Jun 21, 04 4:18pm
well seeing how your the richest man that ive heard of how about you start on making a handheld system that way you can rule the gaming industry.
DQ Maniac Bill Gates
Jun 8, 04 6:18am
That's quite a massive hit counter you've got there, Bill Gates. But it looks like you've got another contestant trying to compete with you.
Onikage Bill Gates
Sep 4, 03 7:48am
The real Bill Gates?

I'm glad I get to sign your guestbook.
Is ti really the creater of windows?

Please sign my guestbook to please
DeadKennedy Bill Gates
Jun 14, 03 7:46am
You rule man!
Sign me too.

Revolution_209 Bill Gates
Apr 5, 03 9:21am
What a surprise to see the world's richest man here at Neoseeker. Welcome!
Amourette Bill Gates
Oct 4, 02 2:30pm
Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.

Snuff Bill Gates
Aug 10, 02 2:05pm
Check out my banner I made of you the other day. Theres a little quote I added that you said to a reporter. The quote is true. These things aren't lies:

Michael Dude Bill Gates
Mar 21, 02 7:04pm
please my computer is so slow my bro hits me!!!!!!!!! please get us windows XP my life is counting on you!!!! bill and you have a funny nose on you're picture hehehehe