Send me an email.

If your having problems on Windows 98 and your computer keeps crashing, dont ask me.

If you want me to give you one billion dollars like everyone wants to, or a free XBOX just stop it.

Remember to buy Windows XP, Linux is crap, and start saving your cash as Microsofts new Windows Palladium comming out in 2004.

Yes...thats right, save up your money, make Microsoft richer and soon i shall be the worlds first trillionaire.

Plans for 2003:
-Buy Nintendo
-Buy Squaresoft
-Release Microsoft Office 2004 from $US250
-Buy more little computer companies.
-Buy Rockstar
-Release more Windows XP patches
-Sign up Shakira to advertise our software
-Make another $50 billion
-Take over Cuba, er nevermind
-Buy another 10 pacific islands
-Beat up the guy who made the website
-Buy 20% of Sony
-Humiliate Apple Macintosh even more
-Abandom IBM and DELL for a cheaper company
-Make Microsoft shares rise another $100 per share.
-Prepare global firework party costing $5 billion to announce Windows Palladium.


Buy Vista

Buy Vista


BUY VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy the damn program
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