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Bigdog305's Neo-home Version 1.0

Welcome to my first ever Neo-home. Here you'll see my favorite wrestlers, my neo-friends, and my favorite tv shows. And by the way don't click the link under my counter. I think it's an ad from the site that is hosting the web counter.
My Neo-Friends


- We first started talking during WWE RP. He was Booker T and I was Shelton Benjamin. We formed a team but the the RP we were doing got closed and TNE RP opened. We're not a tag team anymore but we still talk a lot through PM. He's a really cool guy.


- Tazz is a cool guy and also a fellow TNA fan. He helped me make my neo-home. We first started talking during the "Viva La TNA, Death to WWE" feud going on in the Wrestling forum. He's also the creator of the One and only "Asshole list", giving assholes all around Neoseeker a place to stay!

Azz Whipe

I also first started talking to him during the "Viva La TNA, Death to WWE" feud. It sucks that he got permanently banned. He was a cool guy. I still talk to him sometimes through PM.


We first started talking when he asked me to make a banner for him. He likes WWE and TNA. He's also a big John Cena fan. I don't see him much around the forums but I talk to him through PM.


- TLK is pretty cool. We first starting talkin during MLB RP. He is a huge Randy Orton fan. He got to order SS and see Orton win the title. I see him a lot around RP forums and The Wrestling Forum.

Eugene Rulz

We started talking when he asked me to do a banner for him. He is obviously a big Eugene fan! He's also a pretty funny guy. I don't see him around the boards that much though.


BILFY is a pretty funny poster I see around the wrestling forum. He also lives relatively close to me. He is a fan of WWE,RoH, and maybe TNA but I'm not sure.

Cena 4 Life

I do a wrestling RP with him at his website. There aren't that many members but we each take about 2-3 wrestlers. I see him around the wrestling forum sometimes.
Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers


Eugene (a.k.a. Nick Dinsmore)

Image Hosted by This has to be the funniest wrestler ever. During SummerSlam he was doing the 10 count punches to HHH and at 8 he stopped to count to see how many more times he had to hit him! He is also a great wrestler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Image Hosted by - He may not be in WWE now but come on, we all know he'll be back before WrestleMania. He may not be able to wrestle anymore but nobody raises hell quite like SCSA!!

Kurt Angle

Image Hosted by - Kurt Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time whether you like him or not. Kurt Angle was the first ever heel I ever liked. All my friends would like the faces and I liked Kurt Angle. It was fun since when Angle would beat a guy my friends like I could rub it in their faces!!


Image Hosted by - Y2J is very cool. He's a great wrestler and a funny guy. I hope he gets another title shot soon. He deserves it.

John Cena

Image Hosted by - John Cena is a good wrestler and rapper. He also lives about 20 minutes away from me. I'm surprised I've never seen him. I have a feeling Cena is one of those wrestler's who will win the WWE title for their first time at a WrestleMania Main Event. I just called it. You guys are all witnesses!

Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers


Image Hosted by

AJ Styles

Image Hosted by - TNA has to give it up for AJ. He helped put them on the map. This guy is a great and I only see good things for him.

Ken Shamrock

Image Hosted by - Shamrock came back to TNA and did 2 matches then vanished. Anyway I still like him. He's an animal. I'd love to see him face Kurt Angle in a ankle lock submission match!

Jeff Hardy

Image Hosted by - Jeff Hardy is another great high flyer in TNA. Now all he needs to do is get Matt in TNA and then there can be a TLC match!


Image Hosted by - I remember Sabu in ECW and he hasn't changed a bit! He's still as hardcore as ever! He's kind of old but he still puts on great matches!


Image Hosted by - What promotion hasn't Raven been in? He's been in WWE,wCw,ECW,XPW,RoH and now TNA. His fued with Sabu is great. I want to see it continue.
My Favorite TV shows The Simpsons

Image Hosted by - This is a great show. I don't care if people say that The Simpsons are past their prime because it's one hell of a funny show.

Family Guy

Image Hosted by - Family Guy is coming back!! This show is also very funny. Stewie the baby with the British accent!!

King of the Hill

Image Hosted by - Some of my favorite quotes come from this show. For example, "Just when I think you've said the stupidest thing you just keep talking!!" - Hank Hill. I suggest if you've never seen this show you should check it out.


Image Hosted by - I love Sportscenter. If I miss a Red Sox game or Patriots game I can always turn on the tv and find out how they did!


Image Hosted by - This is a show about games for those of you who haven't seen it. It's also pretty funny unless they do something corny. but if they do something corny they make fun of the show! They review games and make fun of the bad ones!

South Park

Image Hosted by - This show is great. This show also has a great movie to it's credit. I can't wait for the 2nd part of the 8th season later this year!

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