Much harder than it's predecessor, more involved training and career modes. somehow feels like you're controlling mannequins though. FightNightRound4 PS3
Not bad but the ending is dog tods. Borderlands PC
More hand destruction, s'all good. GuitarHero5 PS3
Like the last one with a shot of adrenaline. Varied locations and hectic gameplay. CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
Brilliant, a step up from it's last incarnation and an utterly intriguing follow up for Desmond's story. AssassinsCreed2 PC
Funny and good fun, definitely worth the purchase but can be finished in a day. A good day though. GhostbustersTheVideoGame DS
Cooler than I thought it would be. BrutalLegend PS3
Huge and varied, a stonking RPG with a lot to do packed away in it's belly. DragonAgeOrigins PS3
Beautiful and lush, drops you in the deep end and tells you to swim, if you do it makes for a rewarding experience. FarCry2 X360
Looks like a kids game and if we're honest it is. Still fun for a tool around on though. BanjoKazooieNutsandBolts X360
Tough until you learn the patterns inherent in the game then it's just a matter of exploiting them and not fouling it up. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Has it's flaws but is leagues ahead of it's predecessor and good for multiple play throughs. Fable2 X360
Play as a woman it's the only way to do it justice. (Oh and the DLC is a bit iffy) SaintsRow2 PS3
GTA clone, cartoony but not bad for it. SaintsRow X360
Deep storyline with an unusual but emotive plot, think Eternal Sonata for grown ups. LostOdyssey X360
Much more plodding and repetitive than people generally espouse, that said a charming change from the norm. EternalSonata X360
Top deal, Half Life is always good for a spin. TheOrangeBox PS3
Cheesy as an enormous pizza and it's not as if you've not played a million other games pretty much the same. NeedForSpeedCarbon PS3
Wonderfully complex and yet torturous with it's demands of you. A real mammoth game with hundreds of hours of potential. Top notch. TheElderScrolls3Morrowind PC
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