Heh, I feel the ned to give someone a random signing.

I'm not bigheaded enough to say consider yourself lucky, you don't know me but whatever, I've seen you in Loungin' sometimes and you seem like a pretty cool member so here you go.

Take care.

from left to right
top- shadow, knuckles, silver
floor- tails, amy, sonic

hello this is my first stamp i have made it did not turn out the way i wanted it to but it still looks ok anyway hope you like it please tell me what you think

hey i've seen u around the sly3 forums wanna be neofriends?I.....AM...ME!!!!!!
well ill see you later .
bye bye

with all due respect ,

I pooted. Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Ch Cheese ees Cheesee Tv tv tv tv tv tv tv taste funny I wanted to sign yours because i'm lonely yay have a nice day!
Hi there, this is blackfalcon coming to you live, and I am signing your guestbook! Been seeing you around the forums so I thought I'd better say hi! I'm afraid I don't have a stamp, what can you do about it??? Oh well, you are cool, see you around and Seek on!

Hello, I'm BRADEN (Duh?).

I would like to be friends and get to know you.

Hi big burta this is the first time i've signed anybodys guest book. I never expected u to like sonic. Is the word "big burta" the word bloos brother (cheese) uses on fosters home for imagenary friends? He says that instead of big brother i think. Well, c u around!!!!

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!
Sorry I't took me 6 weeks to sign back. , but well here I am now, wasting my life well my computer won't let me past a stamp here , havn't saw you in a while, hope to chat to ya soon.

you're neofriend and spam lord.
hiya! im kinda a newbie here at this place. just figured id sign ur gb while im at it. how do u get those stamps anyways? and i cant figure out how to get those forum siggys that appear at the bottom that have ur name on them and i cant get an avatar. its really confusin.
Err, I'm signing back to you, because you signed my guestbook, and I have to add a few more letters so they'll take this post, so umm, yeah

Signed Spyroflamemaster8
I'm signing your guestbook in return, but I don't have a stamp so I guess I can't stamp ya.
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

I was reading through a bunch of posts and thought read yours, you seemed to answered a lot, you must really know your games! LOL
I thought I was goos in games, ha I think I found someone waaaay better.
thanks for signing my guestbook alot of people like my avatar anyway um do you want to be neofriends?

well, I thought I'd sign since you have a julie-su and knuckles banner, and I was a fan of rad red myself waaay back when robotnik was still alive. I kinda stopped reading the comics after he disappeared, and I seen his new form. not nearly as funny nor fat as he once was.

ahhh. the original keeper of the cellulite!
I'm sorry too and all of that good crap. I'd tell you my side of the story, but I was too lazy to remember the details. Oh well.

Stay sharp!

One more thing -- think of these as... a late Christmas present. You can save the banner as a PNG, but the avatar should be jpg.(Right click and "Save Picture As"!)

Avatar & Banner!
I don't have a stamp, sorry >_< just too busy to look around or make one <_<.

*SIGNS YOUR GUESTBOOK*. There you go. A virtual sign on a virtual book =]

So hello there, and Neofriend+! =)

See you around!
Here a stamp i like your avatar cant go worng wit the sonic crew So hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol look I'm signing your guestbook okay, now you have to sign mine or I'll cry. Okay so will you please, pretty please.

Signed SpyroFlameMaster8
you rock (i better be nice)xDHope you like STreet fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you're having a Merry Christmas Big_Burta. And a Happy Holidays!

And of course you've never bugged me before. It takes alot to annoy me. lol
I probably just sound uneccessarily angry all the time. XD
...I don't mean to sound that way. I'm just very opinionated. XD XD

Anyways, glad I could help with the questions ^^
Feel free to PM me any time you want. ^^

Have fun in the new year!

Hey i saw your link to your gbook and said why not

Heres a stamp sing back^_^
Hi, I see you around the K2 forums quite a bit so I though I might as well get to know you. Any way if you could sign my guest book that would be awsome, bye!

Angel of Death.

Hiya,I'm new here and stamping guestbooks and your a great friend to be with!

That's a big Sonic Stamp
Hi, I am shadows eclipse. Yes, my username is awesome, but I am here to sign your guestbook as requested in your signature. I hope you feel honored for me to sign it.