Dramon Knight Big_Burta
May 25, 09 1:26pm
Heh, I feel the ned to give someone a random signing.

I'm not bigheaded enough to say consider yourself lucky, you don't know me but whatever, I've seen you in Loungin' sometimes and you seem like a pretty cool member so here you go.

Take care.
kluck Big_Burta
Jan 12, 08 3:54am

from left to right
top- shadow, knuckles, silver
floor- tails, amy, sonic

hello this is my first stamp i have made it did not turn out the way i wanted it to but it still looks ok anyway hope you like it please tell me what you think

jdigz Big_Burta
Oct 24, 07 8:25pm
hey i've seen u around the sly3 forums wanna be neofriends?I.....AM...ME!!!!!!
well ill see you later .
bye bye

with all due respect ,

monkeyluv8 Big_Burta
Sep 12, 07 12:03pm
I pooted. Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Ch Cheese ees Cheesee Tv tv tv tv tv tv tv taste funny I wanted to sign yours because i'm lonely yay have a nice day!
Blackfalcon Big_Burta
Jul 19, 07 10:26am
Hi there, this is blackfalcon coming to you live, and I am signing your guestbook! Been seeing you around the forums so I thought I'd better say hi! I'm afraid I don't have a stamp, what can you do about it??? Oh well, you are cool, see you around and Seek on!
Braden Big_Burta
Apr 13, 07 3:26pm

Hello, I'm BRADEN (Duh?).

I would like to be friends and get to know you.

Time Vortex Big_Burta
Apr 11, 07 5:35pm
Hi big burta this is the first time i've signed anybodys guest book. I never expected u to like sonic. Is the word "big burta" the word bloos brother (cheese) uses on fosters home for imagenary friends? He says that instead of big brother i think. Well, c u around!!!!
Sungod Okami Big_Burta
Mar 17, 07 12:49am

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!
Darnit Big_Burta
Feb 26, 07 10:06pm
Sorry I't took me 6 weeks to sign back. , but well here I am now, wasting my life well my computer won't let me past a stamp here , havn't saw you in a while, hope to chat to ya soon.

you're neofriend and spam lord.
GaMeMaStEr77270 Big_Burta
Jan 24, 07 3:44am
hiya! im kinda a newbie here at this place. just figured id sign ur gb while im at it. how do u get those stamps anyways? and i cant figure out how to get those forum siggys that appear at the bottom that have ur name on them and i cant get an avatar. its really confusin.
Spyroflamemaster8 Big_Burta
Jan 16, 07 11:54pm
Err, I'm signing back to you, because you signed my guestbook, and I have to add a few more letters so they'll take this post, so umm, yeah

Signed Spyroflamemaster8
Thunder850 Big_Burta
Jan 15, 07 8:25pm
I'm signing your guestbook in return, but I don't have a stamp so I guess I can't stamp ya.
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

SongstressgunnerYuna Big_Burta
Jan 12, 07 7:53pm
I was reading through a bunch of posts and thought read yours, you seemed to answered a lot, you must really know your games! LOL
I thought I was goos in games, ha I think I found someone waaaay better.
TheHeart of Darkness Big_Burta
Jan 10, 07 9:35pm
thanks for signing my guestbook alot of people like my avatar anyway um do you want to be neofriends?

sloprano Big_Burta
Jan 05, 07 5:53am
well, I thought I'd sign since you have a julie-su and knuckles banner, and I was a fan of rad red myself waaay back when robotnik was still alive. I kinda stopped reading the comics after he disappeared, and I seen his new form. not nearly as funny nor fat as he once was.

ahhh. the original keeper of the cellulite!
Funny_Pillow Big_Burta
Dec 30, 06 2:52am
I'm sorry too and all of that good crap. I'd tell you my side of the story, but I was too lazy to remember the details. Oh well.

Stay sharp!

One more thing -- think of these as... a late Christmas present. You can save the banner as a PNG, but the avatar should be jpg.(Right click and "Save Picture As"!)

Avatar & Banner!
Snuffles_2187 Big_Burta
Dec 29, 06 11:48am
I don't have a stamp, sorry >_< just too busy to look around or make one <_<.

*SIGNS YOUR GUESTBOOK*. There you go. A virtual sign on a virtual book =]

So hello there, and Neofriend+! =)

See you around!
Punk100 Big_Burta
Dec 28, 06 2:26am
Here a stamp i like your avatar cant go worng wit the sonic crew So hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spyroflamemaster8 Big_Burta
Dec 26, 06 8:26am
Lol look I'm signing your guestbook okay, now you have to sign mine or I'll cry. Okay so will you please, pretty please.

Signed SpyroFlameMaster8
Punk100 Big_Burta
Dec 25, 06 7:09pm
you rock (i better be nice)xDHope you like STreet fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Razz Big_Burta
Dec 25, 06 12:46pm
I hope you're having a Merry Christmas Big_Burta. And a Happy Holidays!

And of course you've never bugged me before. It takes alot to annoy me. lol
I probably just sound uneccessarily angry all the time. XD
...I don't mean to sound that way. I'm just very opinionated. XD XD

Anyways, glad I could help with the questions ^^
Feel free to PM me any time you want. ^^

Have fun in the new year!

Mattyo94 Big_Burta
Dec 24, 06 7:10pm
Hey i saw your link to your gbook and said why not

Heres a stamp sing back^_^
Angel of Death101 Big_Burta
Dec 20, 06 1:27pm
Hi, I see you around the K2 forums quite a bit so I though I might as well get to know you. Any way if you could sign my guest book that would be awsome, bye!

Angel of Death.
KonvictSaiyan Big_Burta
Dec 18, 06 7:43pm

Hiya,I'm new here and stamping guestbooks and your a great friend to be with!

That's a big Sonic Stamp
Rome Big_Burta
Dec 16, 06 4:42am
Hi, I am shadows eclipse. Yes, my username is awesome, but I am here to sign your guestbook as requested in your signature. I hope you feel honored for me to sign it.