Aug 9, 11 8:57am
is working on Wiki pages and plans to write a full 200k bytes of text.
Aug 8, 11 9:21am
is working on Wiki pages and plans to write a full 200 bytes of text.
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Jul 25, 11 8:20pm

For the longest time we've given free name changes to FAQ authors.I'm now going to extend this to...

BigCaseyDog blogged
Dec 30, 10 6:53pm

Hello, fellow Neoseekers. It's just me again, writing another blog post. The holidays have arrived, and I'd just like to wish everyone a happy holiday season, no matter which ones you celebrate, if any. :) Anyways, the content of this blog post will be about three games I got over the holidays - Sonic Colors (Wii and DS), Dragon Quest IX (Which I've had for a while, not part of the three), and Konami's newest DDR game, just called Dance Dance Revolution (for Wii).

SONIC COLORS: Overall, I am very impressed with Sonic Colors - though I must say, I do like the Wii Version a little better than the DS version. The graphics are great, and the storyline, while sometimes a little odd, is a nice addition that helps walk you through the game so you can understand what's going on better. The Wisps make a nice, and creative, addition, bringing in some great new gameplay elements. Overall, I'd definitely recommend that you guys try this one out. Even if you're not a Sonic fan, or haven't really played before, this game might get you hooked.

DRAGON QUEST IX: Well, I am totally hooked on this one. I could write a really lengthy review about how awesome it is, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'll just say this - try it, you'll love it. Period. One of the best games I've ever played.

Ok, now that those two are done, here's the probably longest part of the review. Dance Dance Revolution 4 - Wii,

DDR: Overall, it's a decent game, though I have some requests for Konami as well, but those will be discussed later on. This is similar to the other DDRs in the fact that you use the dance mat to hit the arrows on time with the music. They all have that. This one introduces a "Choreograph Mode" in which you mimic the moves of the dancers in the background with your feet on the dance pad and your hands with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Choreograph is actually pretty fun, but it takes some getting used to. The next thing is Workout Mode - like before, all DDRs for Wii have one, where you can track calories/play time to reach goals. One big difference is the lack of a real "Groove Circuit Mode" or "Tournament Mode". Instead, you play in the new Dance Mode (previously called "Free Play Mode") where you receive challenges you need to complete in order to earn DDR Points and unlock songs. (I know, kinda strange, right?) Then there's the options, records, and DDR School, all of which were available in DDR Hottest Party 3. On a note to Konami, however, I would like to have you guys add in a store from which people can connect to the internet and download/buy songs for their DDR games, like on the iOS app. Also, instead of using real money, people could spend their DDR Points that way, too. Maybe even DDR tournaments through the game wirelessly with other players around the world - that I would love.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rants/reviews and have a happy holiday season. :D

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Dec 3, 10 3:31am

Well I thought it'd be fun to start a little pokemon blog of how things fair in the realm of...

BigCaseyDog blogged
Nov 6, 10 1:09am

Well, here's the latest edition to my ongoing story, The Chaos Dark Chronicles. The first part, which was sort of a prologue, can be found two posts back in my Neoseeker blog, along with the Copyright info, which you should read.

Anyways, this is a first draft of the story, and there might be some terms/words you might not understand, which I will explain below...

•clan-brother - A boy in the clan that is not directly related to a person through blood.
•blood-brother - A boy in the clan that is directly related to a person through blood.
•clan-father, clan-mother, clan-sister, etc. - A person in the clan (adult male, adult female, girl, etc.) in the clan that is not directly related to a person through blood.
•blood-father, blood-mother, blood-sister, etc. - A person in the clan (adult male, adult female, girl, etc.) in the clan that is directly related to a person through blood.
•clan-sumer - Someone in the clan who's position is higher than the person talking/in reference to.
•suns - the equivalent of days
•stars - the equivalent of hours
•moons - the equivalent of months
•cycles - the equivalent of years

As a note: The people in the story sometimes use simple or broken language, but this is on purpose to create a different way of speaking than we use.

And now, onto the story (keep in mind, this is just a first draft!)...

----------------------- TWO -- CLAN-BROTHERS -----------------------

Kentu climbed out of his family's hut, glaring into the sun as its bright fluorescent rays beat down on his unprotected eyes. He breathed in deeply, taking in the smells of the clan's camp and the surrounding evergreen forest, known as Deerwood. He, a young teenager at the age of fourteen, travelled with the Darkwood Clan, with his blood-father, blood-mother, and younger blood-sister, Katira.

He strode out from the small, Birchwood hut, walking towards the creek, where he knew his father would be waiting for him, to help start the day's fishing. Kentu and his blood-father, along with his clan-brother, Amish, and his blood-father, were the fishers of the Darkwood Clan, a very important job, as their diet primarily consisted of fish, berries, nuts, and vegetables, and the occasional deer or hare, whenever they had a hunting run.

As Kentu made his way over the rocky slopes, he saw his blood-father and Amish's blood-father already crouched along the embankment, newly sharpened spears in their hands, posed, ready to strike at the first flash of a tail or scales glinting off the sun in the water below. Calling out, Kentu jogged down, greeting his blood-father and clan-father. Kentu, looking around, asked where Amish was, who, as it turns, had been sent farther upriver to look for strong, yet slender sticks, for making more spears. Nodding his thanks, Kentu ran after Amish's tracks, to catch him before he got too much of a head start, as they often had competitions to see who could catch the most fish the fastest, or throw a spear the farthest.

Spotting Amish after a few minutes of running, Kento called out, "Ai! Amish! How goes you?"

Amish, turning to see Kentu running up the bank, waved, calling "Ai! Kentu! All goes well, clan-brother! Come, fetch spear-wood!"

As Amish turned around to look for good rock for the spearheads, Kentu, running from behind, tackled him, and the two clan-brothers laughed and rolled along the bank, chasing each other round, falling, and laughing again. "I feared you had slept in again, and would miss fishing this morning altogether - or, you had been too sloth to get out of your bedsheets!"

"I could expect just as much from you, clan-brother," smiled Kentu, landing a light punch to Amish's shoulder. "For what reason have we been sent to gather spear-wood? We had done so but three days past. Have you broken that many already?"

"No, I have been busy doing work instead of sleeping, so you should ask yourself your question," laughed Amish. "We truthfully must gather some spear-wood to supply for the hunting run two suns from now. It is coming on increasingly fast."

"Oh, I had almost forgotten of the upcoming run. We must hurry to make the spears, then," Kentu agreed.

"Well," Amish began, "I know that our other clan-brothers, Shuma and Pekin, will be coming out to help gather spear-wood later today, after they have finished with their tasks from their clan-sumers. Even though they are younger then we, it is still nice to have extra help. We must set an example as the oldest boys, you know."

"Yes, I am aware. My blood-father reminds me of that every time I fail to do a task correctly, which is often. I just wish that there were more boys our age in the Darkwood. It can be kind of lonely, as I'm sure you've realized. The closest is Pekin, and he is a mere eleven cycles old," Kentu sighed.

Amish picked up a slender stick and whipped out his knife, using it to peel off the rough outer bark of the spear-wood. "I agree. Though you must remember, clan-brother, that the Darkwood is a very small clan, of a mere 30 followers about. There are many young children, you know, who, in a few cycles, will grow to be in the same spot we are in today."

"You are true, Amish, as usual. Did our blood-fathers happen to mention how much spear-wood we are needed to gather?"

"No, I was just instructed to grab as much as I could before midsun arrives. It looks to me that we have about four stars till then, so start gathering."

Sighing, Kentu's eyes scanned the forest floor, looking for good spear-wood to bring back; not too thick, not too thin, about one pace long for the short-spears, and about three for the long-spears. And so the stars passed, and the search continued, until they had gathered quite a pile of spear-wood. "Well, it looks like we have done our job as asked, clan-brother," Amish commented, looking over the impressive stack. "Our clan-sumers will be pleased. Shall we take back our efforts?"

Kentu, happy to be finished, smiled. "Yes, I believe this is more than enough spear-wood. We might as well return to our blood-fathers. It is a shame that Shuma and Pekin never came, though. I wonder what had gotten in their paths?"

"I am not sure, maybe they had forgotten to help collect. When we see them later at midmeal, we'll bring them down to the river to help sharpen and balance them," Amish said. "Now, take a half the pile, while I take the other. We are almost to midsun, and we still have the treck back to our camp to make."

Each grabbing a half of the pile, the two started along the trail back to their camp, each completely unaware of what awaited them upon their return.

----------------------------- END OF PART TWO -----------------------------

other chaos dark chronicles story bigcaseydog
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Nov 5, 10 4:53pm

I am under his control now. :hypno: That pretty much all you need to know. I'm going to destroy...

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Nov 5, 10 5:26am

I am under his control now. :hypno: That pretty much all you need to know. I'm going to destroy...

BigCaseyDog blogged
Nov 5, 10 5:24am

Ok, so I always see these "Neobrothers" "Neosisters" "Neodad" "Neomom" "Neosons" "Neodaughters" etc. on Neoseeker. What do these mean? I am very confused and would really appreciate it if someone who is a kind enough soul and is actually bothering to read this would explain it to me.

Also, does that mean you have your real family all register on Neoseeker, or do you just look through the member list and go, "I PICK YOU!"?

Another thought - why do some people insist on abusing others? We had a discussion about bullying/abuse in my Leadership class today and I was thinking about all of the cyber-bullying that goes on around sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Blogging sites. I actually know a girl who used to go to my school (we were friends) who was being bullied so bad by this other group of girls that she had to leave our school. Then the leader of that group left, and she came back to our school again. It makes me sick inside to see kids so messed up from bullying that stuff like that happens. Sometimes, life sucks. Any thoughts on this? (Just trying to get some conversation going here, Neo-people!)

BigCaseyDog shared a blog post
Nov 5, 10 5:02am

Well I thought it'd be fun to start a little pokemon blog of how things fair in the realm of...

BigCaseyDog blogged
Nov 5, 10 4:57am

Well, I have named my new story/series and am going to start writing the first part below. Before I do so, I am gonna have to go through all this copyright stuff, so just keep reading, the good stuff's coming.

This is a work written by BigCaseyDog, for the Neoseeker Blog. If you see this posted elsewhere, please check my blog and see if I have written about it - I will whenever I post it elsewhere. If it is not written about, please notify me. This work is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to anything true is totally coincidental. Please do not copy, print, email, download, re-post, or transmit this story or any part of it using any means, wether they be electronic, physical, verbal, or mental. If you wish to share this story, please share a link to this blog post instead. Together, we can work to stop online theft of independent user's writings and artworks. (If you do steal this, you'll get one warning, then I'm gonna go all DMCA Notice on you! Seriously, I am not joking this time, I do not take lightly to theft of my work.)

Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, we can let the story begin! Please, sit back, and enjoy! ;)



----------------------- ONE -- FIRST THERE WAS LIGHT -----------------------

First there was light, a brilliant, blue-hued flash of light. Then, darkness spread, consuming, covering, distinguishing. However, the darkness could not, however how much it grew, destroy one spot of the blue light, the very center of a swirling vortex. Stars slowly grew in and around the vortex over the millennia, constantly moving, shifting, growing, blinking white spots swimming in a sea of darkness, always surrounding the blue light, the center of the vortex - the beginning of a universe.

It was within this blue light that things were changing - great things, in fact, were unfolding. The blue light expanded, and eventually became elongated, into a small blue light, slightly larger than before, now not just a dot, but an oval. It was within this blue oval that the world was formed. Chemicals and crystals combined to make substance, and light and substance combined to make matter, which the ever-swirling vortex shaped to make a round, tightly-packed ball. It was this ball that became the first planet. This planet was called Camsiosa.

The planet known as Camsiosa started out as a sphere, a perfectly formed sphere. Then, the darkness came - it swarmed, swallowed, and morphed Camsiosa, causing its surface to become uneven, with high peaks and deep gorges, smooth hills and great valleys. The stars, which had greatly multiplied, surrounded Camsiosa, giving their heat to warm the icy planet, creating life on what had once been barren, dead, and empty. The stars, as they slowly winked out of existence, fell to Camsiosa, exhausted, their dust falling all over the surface.

However, the stars had done their job. Camsiosa had been transformed from a barren wasteland into a flourishing heavenly garden of soft, grassy fields, snowy peaks, and rugged valleys. Each star, who had given its life for Camsiosa, fell onto these luscious fields, valleys, peaks, and hills, and wherever a dead star's light fell, a new life was born. It was hence how Camsiosa had its first inhabitants. These inhabitants were born, each one with the life of its creator, its starlight, born into it. These inhabitants learned all the stars had known, and how they had been placed onto the planet. They, just like stars, longed for companionship, and soon formed clans with other starlights, creating languages, families, and villages.

It was then the great washing came. A star had died, and instead of its stardust falling to Camsiosa, it stayed, clinging to other stars, combining stardusts. This silver-blue orb of stardust eventually was so heavy, and its weight could no longer be supported in the universe, so it was given to Camsiosa. It filled the deepest gulleys and gorges with fresh, crystalline waters, where the stars seemed to dance on the surfaces, lighting the darkness, creating a dark and a light, and it was then Camsiosa was complete.

----------------------------- END OF PART ONE -----------------------------

other chaos dark chronicles series bigcaseydog
Nov 5, 10 3:58am
I actually really loved this game when I first got this - seems like forever ago now. You guys should try it out, just for kicks. PhilOfTheFuture
BigCaseyDog shared a blog post
Nov 5, 10 3:56am

For the longest time we've given free name changes to FAQ authors.I'm now going to extend this to...

BigCaseyDog blogged
Nov 5, 10 3:51am

Well, for all of you who care and like to read my blog posts (I know I do!), then this is for you, random Neoseekers. I - wait for it, wait for it...

(Dramatic Pause)

(Extended Dramatic Pause)

Have decided to write a story through blog posts! *GASPS!* (Crowd calls - "Amazing!" "Incredible!" "May I Have Your Autograph? 'No, go away!' *Sobs*"

Yup, you heard right. I will start writing a story through blog posts on Neoseeker. I am not quite sure what of yet, but I can assure you, it will be amazing. Also, my story is my credit and work, so you can't take it, repost it, etc. without my permission.

Anyways, stay tuned for more! :D And to the general public - keep beautiful.

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