This stuff is literally 5 years old. Maybe I'll change it eventually...

I've basically told you everything about me above. I'm from rural South Carolina. I'd say my town but you can read it above this and you'd probably wouldn't know where it is anyway.

If you want to get in touch with me, its all up there. Feel free to PM or E-mail me.

Williepwned List

1) SlangX
2) Hitman3
3) Mcdonald's
4) Thepower
5) Earth
6) Liquid Siver
7) So little time
8) Thepower (Again!)
9) Boyfriend(s) of my future daughter(s)
10) Intellectual Exchanges and anyone who breaks the rules there!
11) Vito Raliffe (You got stolen!)
12) iplaythisthing

BW's Official Stalker: Who isn't stalking me?

The only person to ever Williepwn BW: Deathman48 (Note to mods, don't pick on him or you might become a mod of a Barbie forum! XD)


Hmm.. Let me think... Oh yeah, duh I like video games! I have all three consoles and I play some PC games.

I also enjoy the mindless degradation of Loungin', the witty banter of Intellectual Exchanges, the fanboy roastfest of Movies, and pretty much every other forum on Neoseeker. You're bound to catch me in one of them sometime or another.

I draw occasionally but its more of a hobby and I probably won't post my work.


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Review: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - The Return of the Prince

Feb 7, 2006

The Two Thrones marks the Prince's third return to the consoles and is every bit as great as the original. The story of The Two Thrones picks up immediately after the events in Warrior Within. The Prince and Kaileena, the Empress of Time, having...

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