ryry Big Blader
Sep 9, 07 4:45pm
i saw glotnot signed and hes a jerk so i had to outdo him so

Glotnot Big Blader
Jul 26, 06 5:25am
I've seen you around a lot.... In the RP forums... In a couple game forums.... Anyways, here is my new Super Smash Brothers: Brawl themed Stamp!


Akiva Big Blader
Jul 24, 06 6:01pm
I'm bored, so I'm signing yer GB

Onuas claw Big Blader
Sep 21, 04 3:05pm
I amde a stamp since the last time I signed your guestbook. Cool huh? Best comedy ever.

Sakura Big Blader
Sep 20, 04 7:07am
I'm on a....

Signing Spree!


Please sign back!
Onuas claw Big Blader
Sep 18, 04 5:38pm
Well bro', I wanna thank ya for making that RP.
I myself had come back after a few years of not visiting this site. And I was looking for a place to start posting again. but all of the RP's were like 5 pages long. And 5 pages is damn long, I wonder if anyone actually reads that. Anywhoo, then you made your RP and I started posting again. Well thanks and all that.

sign back

GNLK Big Blader
Jan 17, 04 4:11pm
yo mr. BIG wut up. Just signin your g-book cuz im bored. Stay cool and keep on hangin at neoseeker.
-The Green Knight
P.S. wut forums do u usually post in? I only know u from the mafia thread.
The Legend Killer Big Blader
Jan 14, 04 10:28am
UltimateLuigi Big Blader
Jan 12, 04 12:02pm
Wazzup dude?

I saw your sign on my guestbook, so I wanted to return your favor.

Well, seeya at the forums man.

The one and only:

U l t i m a t e L u i g i
whos next Big Blader
Jan 11, 04 10:43pm
Just obeying your signature and signing your guestbook. Also since you were the first person to join my RPG, thanx. Be sure to sign mine back please.