Blue_Mew Big A2
Feb 26, 13 5:41pm
Do you like pokemon? (random question I know)
Murray3 Big A2
May 20, 09 3:27pm
I made it mah-self!

Hooray for Earth!

Exams are a pain...
DXD Big A2
May 10, 09 2:52pm

Salutations, Big A2. You were among one of the very first members to reply to my earliest posts in the Caption Contest thread of the AC: CF forum back in early/mid February and I've thought of you as a pretty cool member ever since.

You've Been...

BTW, do you want to be NeoFriends? And you can sign back if you want to.

Jediblue Big A2
Oct 14, 08 4:06pm
I dont get your sig just to let you know.

Lost in Azure Big A2
Sep 22, 08 9:32am
Well I have known you for quite sometime and im not sure why I never signed your book. But enjoy Monkey Madness!

=D Aweshumness.
Tozaki Big A2
Jun 15, 08 11:49pm
Just stamping as i got a new stamp

Cya on the forums
Barbydoll Big A2
Apr 3, 08 11:49pm
HI! happy easter, i hope you had loads of eggs to eat!!! thanks for posting on my thread, i love it when people give up their time to do that. c u soon!
Spiritual Big A2
Mar 24, 08 7:01am

Hello, Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the basket of goodies I have prepared for you! lol

Thanks for Being Awesome!
Spiritual Big A2
Feb 16, 08 12:58am

I hope you had a good V-day, anyways thanks for signing my GB
Petdiams Big A2
Jan 14, 08 8:16am
I just want to say your comics are awesome! I especially like the one called "Bowser's Origins". anyway great job! here is a present:
Sonicflood Big A2
Nov 21, 07 3:21pm
I wasn't on neo for a long time so have a good thanksgiving. Hope you like the turkey.

Laugh out loud. Happy Seasons.

Sonicflood Big A2
Mar 18, 07 9:43am
Thanks for signing my GuestBook! Here's a few stamps!

See you around!
almostfamousgrl Big A2
May 16, 06 8:40pm
Im signing all my neofriends gb's. YAY!

Ya my stamp sucks but oh well. See ya around!

robert411 Big A2
Feb 9, 06 5:28am
hey man whats up?
well at least, i think its a man..
i'll rephrase that hi, whats up?
im trying to sign as many peoples guestbooks as possible.
why? because i feel like it.
pm me, and i'll teach you my weird language...
that means, see ya later
Bluephionix Big A2
Jan 31, 06 8:40pm
How are ya doin. Well i just wanted to sign your guestbook and if u can then sign mines.