I remember when I first bought this game, it had a boy farmer and 3 girls, I knew it would be fun. HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife GC
Animal Crssing is fun! Until you get bored... AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS

Sooooooo, school is in and everyone is excited about it, either becoming a High School kid, Middle School kid, or the drama about to come, so I made this so we could talk about stuff happening in school. So let's chat and stuff, I mean like talking about what assignments we got. ;)

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Guys, I am going back to school soon, and I hate the girls, but like to hangout with the dudes, BUT one problemo, the guys are afraid of me! I don't know what to do or why they are, but, please help me! ;(

P.S.- Have a great day without Justin Bieber!

1. I like to reroot my doll's hair. (Awwwkward)
2. I like to go swimming when the water is freezing.
3. My drawings have Straaaaangge body proportions. ;(
4. I like to spin around in my chair until I get dizzy. ;)

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