_ !Introduction _ I think it's about time we had one of these then, huh? What we are doing here is taking submission

One of the many great things about this game is the characters. Characters who, as you find out, live their lives throughout

Now this game, perhaps more than any other 3D Zelda, emphasizes exploration quite a bit compared to the others. There are mor

As many of you know, this game has a huge cult following that's made it seem like this is the only Zelda game in existenc

So I've decided to jot down a few notes on the differences in the bosses between this version and the N64 version in case

I'll catch you later, Neo.

So I talked about this with @Eiche for a little bit and he showed me a picture of Link from the gameplay demo overlooking a c

Who would have that it's already been a month since the announcement of Majora's Mask 3D? It feels like yesterday tha

N+ sure is spreading this december like some sort of deadly virus.
HELL YEAH AUSTIN DATE maybe I can actually go this year. http://bit.ly/1zdEh7H

So recently in other forums, I've been seeing a few complaints about this game. As much as I would love to slaughter them

I can't believe we're already in the last month of Christmas again

I'm curious to know what the people who haven't played this are expecting coming into this game. I know that there

After a small, but lengthy discussion over in the RFS thread, it looks like our little forum is getting itself a good ole GD.

Not to mention huge! I'm sure everyone's seen the promotional artwork that's going to be used for the boxart b

I was curious about how others have gotten into the series as a whole, or if you've played any of the games at all. (i

I'm curious if we have any artistic seekers out here. Do any of you do any sort of art? I used to do graphic design righ

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