So I talked about this with @Eiche for a little bit and he showed me a picture of Link from the gameplay demo overlooking a c

Who would have that it's already been a month since the announcement of Majora's Mask 3D? It feels like yesterday tha

N+ sure is spreading this december like some sort of deadly virus.
HELL YEAH AUSTIN DATE maybe I can actually go this year.

So recently in other forums, I've been seeing a few complaints about this game. As much as I would love to slaughter them

I can't believe we're already in the last month of Christmas again

I'm curious to know what the people who haven't played this are expecting coming into this game. I know that there

After a small, but lengthy discussion over in the RFS thread, it looks like our little forum is getting itself a good ole GD.

Not to mention huge! I'm sure everyone's seen the promotional artwork that's going to be used for the boxart b

I was curious about how others have gotten into the series as a whole, or if you've played any of the games at all. (i

I'm curious if we have any artistic seekers out here. Do any of you do any sort of art? I used to do graphic design righ

Since I started a new playthrough yesterday, I realized that I suck at this game more than I would have liked :o Turns out

Hello! And welcome to our very first community event. We want to get a solid community around here, so we're breaking out

--Quote Eiji Aonuma-- Greetings to everyone in The Legend of Ze

So since the reveal, I've been trying to think of my opinion towards the new moon redesign. At first I was unsure of w

I see there's a lot of people new to this game posting around here, so I wanted to ask about the biggest gameplay element

Ocarina of Time got it, why can't Majora's Mask? While OoT benefited from it because the dungeons weren't all


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