Hey you guys , I love this community alot and i always come to you guys and girls for help . I make music and i just did this

How can i learn more words ? & Also say them right ? Thanks :)

What if you workout everyday ? Does it enhance anything within the brain ? Such as knowledge ? I want to be a better Artist .

Now people that have been following my threads , you understand someone of my problems i have . I always come to this communi

This girl told my friend that i'm clingy and it's too much for her but i'm really nice . She told me she doesn

Can you just imagine waking up to a big house with 10 cars and money to where you can never be broke again ? Like watching th

This game just has the best music vibes in the world lol , It's insane .

I've seen people post that the game has changed in major ways and it's not the same no more . Is it still a good game

I'm extra bored , & I'm kinda curious to this Neoseeker community . SO , How do you lose your's ? I personall

Just posted the video today ! Looks great :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KSFkcKBBMo ^_^

Okay so when i went to canirunitcom site they said my computer is not above the min point . I've played the game and my

What methods do you do to get rid of someone out of your head ? Delete text messages ? Music ? Video games ? I want to know s

Best places to grind/farm ? Im still stuck at the victory road and i just want to level my pokemon up to 99 or just go ham .

Well .. Some subjects i bring up just to bring up . But this is over with now so you can't bash me for it . Im 19 but i w

Would it be recommended to downgrade to 7 if you have windows 8.1 ? The only reason im considering it , is because most games

I currently have Windows 8.1 & i perfer Windows 7 because of right now some programs just don't know how to act right

I was going to say What pc game are you currently playing , but i don't wanna be close minded . So which ones ? :D Btw ,

Like i don't want this series to become a apple product , But their already making a new Pokemon game ? Do you guys think

To all the mother's on here or soon to be mother's ! Or girl's in general ! just when you have kids in your life

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