Mountain Zappa Benk_92
Feb 1, 08 4:27am
Yes, a bit late on this, hehe. Don't even really have a stamp or anything. Meh, I'll just give you a random page of Neuro:

Chris717 Benk_92
Dec 31, 07 11:58pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook Benk_92, so i grant you one sexy stamp...see ya round the forums and happy new year!!!

Storm Benk_92
Jun 25, 07 2:25am

I <3 her, too

Looked at your profile and found out that we have quite a bit in common, like our favorite color. You got blue and green up there. Seeya around.
Red Steel Benk_92
Apr 24, 07 12:14am
Will you REALLY give me a cookie? Oh well, if you don't I still like you! Ender's Game was great, one of my favorite sci-fi books!
madtown Benk_92
Mar 29, 07 11:27pm


Time to put the smack down on your guestbook with my latest BioShock stamp.

Glad to see your back on Neo again, Benk =D

Catch ya later~
Chubbie Huicho Benk_92
Mar 17, 07 7:32am
yeah it sucks not getting it meh I think i might go for the 2000000 not the billionth post in loungin like you but good luck on that lol
Weldar Benk_92
Feb 13, 07 10:40am
I want a cookie, I like signing guestbooks anyway so you didnt have to offer me the cookie, but I expect one anyway. I have no stamp so sorry
o_snuffles_o Benk_92
Oct 31, 06 3:12pm
Hey thanks for the signing, Hope to see you around the forums!

Eliwood the Slayer Benk_92
Aug 22, 06 3:14am
I would like to be your friend. Pm me about it.

Braden Benk_92
Jul 28, 06 10:17am

for signing my guestbook Benk_92!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

Braden Benk_92
Jul 28, 06 10:16am

for signing my guestbook Benk_92!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

cnc Benk_92
Jun 25, 06 1:10am
Yo just signing back and showin love because you are on the ssbb forums like me neofriend,peace out.

Tha DopeBoy,Cnc
EM876N83tw Benk_92
Apr 20, 06 4:46am
Great thread luckly you were there to organize our "TEAM METROID SURVIVAL" thread
see you around MPH thread...

My first banner created by...ME (thanks for your help)
Dragon01 Benk_92
Jul 25, 05 12:15am
I see you signed my guestbook:DSo im signing back;)Guess you clicked the warning!!do not click here!! anyway i'll see you later:D