Hraefn Benedict
Oct 2, 10 9:21am
... and the welcome back, so here's me returning the favor. =^^=

Wgamer64 Benedict
Apr 28, 10 3:24am
You are very helpful with html's, it took me a while but I got
it. If you have any questions about html's you should consider asking him.
NF10 Benedict
Aug 29, 09 8:53pm
Love your Giratina Pic...
Anyways, I love pokemon and Nintendo.
So friends. So if you need anything, just ask. Also on topic, There will be a meeting pretty soon for ideas for events. The date is not set however so keep that in mind we're going to ask when you and Frantastico is free to chat on neoseekers.

Thank you and have a nice day,
Dramon Knight Benedict
Oct 28, 08 10:35pm
Just signing some of my good friend's guestbooks, and your definitely one of them.

I'll PM you sometime.
emporer_caopi Benedict
May 25, 08 6:36pm
Never signed your GB before

It's Munchlax, RAWR!
Now sign back, you....
Dramon Knight Benedict
May 10, 08 8:09pm
I cant believe i never signed before.

Anyways, im signing all my friends' GBs right now, so yeah. :

I dont have a stamp either but anyways your a good guy dont think about leaving neo anytime soon.
vampixie Benedict
Apr 16, 08 6:30pm
wow,are you seriously only 9!?!? you talk like you're much older and you know so much about this stuff...i am jealous...can you go on the sims 2 ds forum and look at my post about earning money,i need help but no-one is helping me!
Mohamadito Benedict
Apr 14, 08 1:15am
Hey,I'm signing your GB since you're a good guy as mike said!Yes the markup worked!

Mikez2605 Benedict
Apr 13, 08 3:11am
Hiya, How Are You?
So Yeah, Im Signing Your Guestbook, Coz Ur A Good Guy And Your In The Myst Legend!
So Yeah, Your A Good Person, So You Deserve A Stamp. (Well, Its Not Really A Stamp, But, What The Hect ^__^)
Anyways, Heres My Mascot, The WTF Cat
See You Around!

Steve The Ninja Benedict
Apr 12, 08 6:44pm
hi benny, im signing ur guestbook!

im just going to say that u need to be more active in the myst and M.O.H!


Articuno58 Benedict
Apr 12, 08 8:43am
hi buddy ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Liliana Benedict
Apr 9, 08 1:42am

The image is quite big but, thank you for the avatar!
Barbydoll Benedict
Apr 7, 08 4:25pm
a stamp or picture1 is it still ok to sign?
these weird character
I am just gunna say, hope u had A good easter, i did. Bye then, bye!
Nero757 Benedict
Apr 7, 08 12:21am
Hey benedict, thanks for the banner! I really like it. I'll need the code though.
Misato Benedict
Jan 28, 08 5:17am
Hey. Thanks for making my sig cycle! It's appreciated ^^. Here's my stamp!

Again, thanks for making my sig animated!

~Master Jynch