I'm not a very ineresting person... at least I don't think I am!!


Hey everyone! I don't know how you found my profile, but thanks for looking!! While you are here, PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!

Some of my NeoFriends:
Pyrazor: My very first NeoFriend!! Talked to him a lot around Super Mario Advance threads...
gui_dez_wizard14: Another one of my Super Mario Advance pals! WE also talk alot in the Would You Rather threads!
Master_Chief_Jr: Good, good friend... All over the Super AMrio Advance threads and his X-box forum
luigimania: Super AMrio Advance, Mario Tennis... Helped me with my custom title!! I would have never figured it out!!
extremeev1: We talk all over the place!! A fellow Beatles fan, as well! His NeoHome has pictures of the Beatles guitars... Check them out!!
don_vinto: Fellow Beatles fan! Added a great picture of them in my guestbook! THANKS SO MUCH!
Strange_1: Fellow Lord of the Rings fan... Added a great picture of Dom in my guestbook!


"Love is like a flower, give it time and it will grow." -John Lennon

--Check out my profile, please... While you're there, feel free to sign my guestbook... I'd really really apreciate it!!
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