SSGotenks89 BeNfIcA
Sep 1, 03 10:10pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook! I realize it was a long time ago, but I never remember to look at it. Well I thought I would sign yours, and say hi. I'll see you around the forum! Oh yeah, I like your monkey avatar too!
Glacier_24 BeNfIcA
Jul 25, 03 1:11pm
Hey, thanx for signin' my guestbook. I hope to see you around and maybe play against you in a race, if I ever get the Adapter. See ya around


Seto Kaiba BeNfIcA
Jul 4, 03 2:09pm
hey, it me kiba and i wanted to say thanks for making me that bannner and can you singn my guest book to and if you do thanks.
JumBee BeNfIcA
Jun 22, 03 4:23am
Hey - great to see you in the Gran Turismo 4 forum dude. Thanks for heaps of info and the sort.

Your a real informative poster, keep it up.

Bai bai.

- JumBee...
nb05 BeNfIcA
Jun 19, 03 10:25pm
Hehe, I like being nice . Now I have to close it thoughg . So how's it going? Anyways, see you around the GT3 forum!

Koloth BeNfIcA
Jun 18, 03 7:36pm
going to be so awsome. You seen the article in GI?

BTW if you like books check out B&L. We are currently trying to vote on the 100 greatest books of all time.
NeO_gurl BeNfIcA
May 31, 03 3:42am
wellll i said i was gonna sign your guest book in my thread , so here i am! See you around in other threads! BIIIIIIII.

Cilly BeNfIcA
May 25, 03 7:53pm
hay u, hows things going???? anyways, hope we get to now each other a bit better,its always good to have more friends, and see ya around, nice meeting you.
LOTRgurl BeNfIcA
May 12, 03 8:30pm
just signing ppl's guest book, just a little bored -cant ya tell?- wow i didnt know u go on AIM (i read it below) u should give me ur sn and we can chat
LightningThedgehog BeNfIcA
May 4, 03 3:02am
Dude, like, hi! Sorry, I'm totally bored and I really want something to do so I'm just going to play around on your guestbook for the time being. The forums are so boring!
Hybrid God BeNfIcA
Apr 25, 03 8:33am
Hey just wanted to sign your guest book hope we can become mates on neoseeker well Thx for signing my guest book seya.
soraskingdom BeNfIcA
Apr 20, 03 11:03pm
thanks so much for the help hopefuly the next time i see you im a mod wish me the best of luck visit the Dark cloud 2 forum please cya
Static55 BeNfIcA
Mar 30, 03 9:17pm
Dear BeNfIca, March 30,2002

Thanks for signing my guestbook.Sorry I have to go now well See Ya!

Hazzzza BeNfIcA
Mar 28, 03 11:58pm
GoOdAy BeNfIcA had nufing to do so I thought I might sign your guestbook;
and yes thatsmeeeHaZzZzAh:hypo:
pokemonfan26 BeNfIcA
Mar 22, 03 11:25pm
Dear BeNfIca, March 22,2002

thanks for signing my guestbook I maby in a sad mood but Im still cheerfull im making upgrades and stuff to threads ohh I gotta go
see ya

K.J Manice

Feb 25, 03 4:33am

Hey Wazap dude keep up the Good Behavior in Poke 2 forum you been doing Great also since you Signed my book I have Returned the Favor Bender Says Signed Book
Spectral BeNfIcA
Feb 23, 03 10:12pm
Well I'm here signign your guestbook. You are a cool person to talk to on AIM, but I rarely see you on Neo:P. Well cool monkey avatar you got there. Well talk to you later.
Feb 22, 03 7:40am
Hey thanks for lettin me be a mod on your site, i hope i work well, and thanks for telling me about this site, thought it was confusing at first, im sure ill figure it out. and btw nice avatar LoL.
Feb 16, 03 10:17am
Hi ive seen you around the Pokemon Blue Forum so i decided to sign your guest book. Well have fun:D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

GGGGRRRRR the 125 character thing:#
DarkScizor BeNfIcA
Dec 14, 02 10:54pm
Hey BeNfIcA, nice to see you back on neo, i'm very glad that you want to join the club, if you do you will be the 13th or 14th member, well, hope to see you soon