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With the tragic collapse of the German musical project 'Neuroticfish', it seems that there are very few true EBM bands left. Of course you have all this 'Electro' bullshit which I hesitate to call music. It's just white people pretending to be black wearing their trousers around their ankles and shouting 'BASSLINE!' over and over and over again. Another thing that really pissed me off was a little band called 'God Module'. They were once the Gods of the Industrial genre back in 2004; ruling this sub-genre with their cold, darkwave sounds as sharp as carving knives. Yet suddenly, they decide that they want to make "Spooky dance music". I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that you had already been doing that since you formed! Obviously, their new tunes turned out to be steaming turds in the steaming turd factory that is modern 'electro' music. However, in 2007 one of the greatest Industrial bands of all time 'Chemlab', rose out of the blue and embarked on an epic and unexpected US-wide comeback tour (I was disappointed that it wasn't worldwide though). With their hit albums "Burn Out of The Hydrogen Bar", "East Side Militia", and "Oxydizer" (amongst others); Chemlab had always been my favourite band and always will be. However, to my overwhelming-joy, they announced on that they would be releasing a brand new album possibly named 'Electronically Yours'. They are only releasing it in batches of a hundred copies at a time, and I plan to do things that I will never be proud of to get a hold of that copy. So maybe EBM... Isn't dead?

Keep on burning out of frozen ground
- Jack

ebm industial music collapse

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waiting on a review to get past CRS
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