emu tamer Bass Plus
Aug 01, 06 8:22am
well i love the new banner when it stops been wierd and i got no kool stamp so i will just give u a random pic of wow dance

Jaw Knee Bass Plus
Aug 01, 06 7:44am
Thanks for sending me that album.

You are one of the coolest members on here by far. Your music taste is great and you're fun to talk to.

See ya around man.
AznAnarchist Bass Plus
Oct 02, 04 10:39pm
No real reason for signing...but I...uh...

I'm sorry for stabbing your sister...
Princess Peach Bass Plus
Sep 10, 04 6:59am
I just want to say thank you for suggesting what manga my brother might like. I appreciate it, and I think it's sweet of you to help me.

~ Take care always ~
Darth Revan Bass Plus
Aug 26, 04 12:30am
hey thanks for the Awsome HAlo2 banner here is my stamp

NSX Bass Plus
Aug 20, 04 3:15am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you later BP.
triplehhhforever15 Bass Plus
Aug 18, 04 3:20am
For the stamp. Awesome banner you have well thanks keep it real and remeber you been stamped by the game.

maxpaynefreak Bass Plus
Aug 15, 04 10:01pm
well, i don't even know u, but i decided to sign your gb cause family guy rox!!! i can't wait 4 it 2 come back!!!
keep up the posting! i hope 2 c u in the halo 2 forum soon
AznAnarchist Bass Plus
Aug 04, 04 10:03pm
Thanks for signing my GB. Might as well return the favor. See ya in the Halo forums.

triplehhhforever15 Bass Plus
Aug 02, 04 8:01pm
Well you are pretty cool you seem to make great post in the Raw 2 forum so keep it real and Please return the favor and sign my guestbook please.
YuanShiao45 Bass Plus
Jul 20, 04 10:56pm
You seem cool. I saw you in the Halo forum. Thought I'd say hi and sign your guestbook for yea. My sn is thepunisher0421 if you ever want to chat.
P.S neo rocks!!!!!
The White Rider Bass Plus
Jan 19, 04 5:51am
You signed my guestbook, so I'll sign yours.

Thanks and awesome Dr. Evil avatar!

One-hundred-twenty-five character limit that I need to get more than.

chipmaster1000 Bass Plus
Jan 02, 04 6:32pm
What's up buddy. I keep promising you that I will sig your G book in person and on Neo but I never got around to it, so here I am. Happy New Year and see ya tonight.
Taker4ever Bass Plus
Dec 31, 03 10:20pm
Hey man, I don't really see you much, but ya took the trouble to sign mine so I'll return the favour why not!

Stay outta trouble, remembering that the deadman awakens soon (if you're a fan of wrestling you'll know)

Stamped by TAKER4EVER! you don't wanna know...
Nath Bass Plus
Dec 15, 03 4:39am

Your Guestbook has been signed by,