Xperious Bass Ultra
Jul 23, 10 8:31am
Sorry, I didn't notice you signed my guestbook back in December xD

Anyway I;m returning the favor.
Wow it's been years since we met. Where'd I meat you? Did you used to go to the SA2B forum?

Have a nice day.. err night. =]
Xperious Bass Ultra
Sep 19, 09 1:34am
Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but your name sounds familiar. Did you used to post in the SA2B forum back in the day? Uhh.. gotta fill empty spaces... Um well.. ttyl
Taz124 Bass Ultra
Aug 1, 09 8:33pm
I have made a new neohome!!! I'm sooo exited go check it out and tell me what ya think about it!

Have a good one BASS ULTRA!!

**Waves bye**
RHJ44 Bass Ultra
Apr 21, 09 11:12pm
since i'm signing YOUR guestbook right now, LATER you have to sign mine.....or else. i also think it would be very nice...................XD
Ultra Bass Bass Ultra
Aug 2, 08 4:33am
I'm sure you already know me cause we are very close right? so anyways, hi dude, hope you have good time here with me around now
Napalm Boy Bass Ultra
Jan 5, 08 5:21am
Hey Bass Ultra what's up!I'm here to sign your guest book and it's good to have you here in Neoseeker!Just PM Neolord or Me for some help on the game.I hope you have a good time here.
Neolord Bass Ultra
Jan 5, 08 4:43am
Hey BASS ULTRA, or can I just call you BestBass. You made the right choice registering to Neosseker. And you made Neofriends already, thats a good start for you. Hope to see you around often at the boards and have fun while there. Happy Neosseking!