really cool game. even has multiplayer. RedFaction PC
The ultimate FPS. If you don't own it yet, GET IT. Doom3 PC
2nd favorite PC game. TheMovies GC
bugs out in instant action world select. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
Better than #2 in my opinion cuz' its got Quai-Gon in it. LegoStarWars PC
My dads the actual owner. Sounds like a really cool game though. MetalGear NES
GREAT game. An absolute must-try. Civilization4 PC
Why doesnt this version of the game have Bespin!? StarWarsBattlefront2 PS2
My favorite PC game. Spore PC
Works without disk once installed, which makes it cool. The3DGamemaker PC
"Youve no mind to control, but... youre doin gooood..." FamilyGuy PS2
Too bad I cant find its disk anymore... TheMoviesStuntsandEffects PC
"Solving your problems by crushing them flat!" Crush
Well, it's ALMOST mine. I'm getting it for christmas. SinsOfASolarEmpire PC
My favorite because it has Quai-Gon Jinn in it StarWarsEpisode1ThePhantomMenace

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