Dudeguy Barmy Brat
Jan 30, 09 2:06am
Barmy Brat + Dudeguy = <3

Harvest Moon girl Barmy Brat
Dec 26, 08 8:35pm

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Okay, so it's not Christmas over there in Australia anymore, but we can't all run on super speedy Aussie time. Just stopping by here because I'm one of those odd people who love guestbooks and think that it's important that they be preserved. Anyway, I know that you're one of CoDaD's good friends and I enjoyed your interview, so I figured I should stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. I hope you had a pleasant one and wish you a happy 2009.

Best wishes for 2009!

InsanityS Barmy Brat
Oct 3, 08 2:27pm

Congratulations on getting the top spot in the Artcles of Excellence with your Pokémon Platinum review.

Following the series up until around the GBA era it was interesting to read upon the general lack of change despite the move to newer hardware. The review was very informative and helpful.

I always enjoy reading reviews from you, as they are always descriptive with enough humour to entertain well. No doubt you'll be a strong contender for future AoE wins as well.
Comic man Barmy Brat
Jan 2, 08 9:20pm
Long time no see. I bet you're happy about that. -.-

Anyways, here's your stamp:

Merry friggin' Christmas.
Stamp back later.
Relient K Barmy Brat
Dec 10, 07 10:52am
Merry Christmas Barmy Brat. Hope you have a nice Holiday season.
duker nuker Barmy Brat
Jun 19, 07 11:25pm
Hey, see you around Smash Bros...dang that thing is taking forever, well here ya go. Hope you notice
MAG Fry Barmy Brat
Jun 6, 07 10:33am
Since you like docotor who here is a great image of a great episode.

Cool Blue Barmy Brat
May 14, 07 9:26am

Yay! Honchkrow!
Menkoy Barmy Brat
May 6, 07 4:12pm

You signed my guestbook last year sometime, and I feel obliged to do the same. I'll drop the fact that you declared me inferior to "Master Zhang He" if you give me $20
Oh, and you're a great mod in the SSBB forums.
simomatic Barmy Brat
Apr 18, 07 3:06am
Y'know I noticed in your profile that I was on your friend's sidebar.

Totally don't remember ya adding me or unless you told me before and I somehow forgot you did. Guess the less time on Neo does things to ya huh? Haha that's pretty funny, samething happened with Bright Blue Yoshi and now I'm on her list.

Anywho, I added ya recently.

You can guess who this is. *Winks*

OH SHI- is right.

The Shape Barmy Brat
Jan 31, 07 4:31pm
Great post about deathman's thing in loungin's rfs, you're generally a member who knows what they're doing so I just thought I'd say so via a guestbook. The only stamp here is my opinion, damn right.
Kiffa Barmy Brat
Jan 24, 07 8:15pm
Brad Kennedy, aka gotenks992, has officially WHIPPED me.


The painful bastard. However, I do worship this boy. He and I will convene sometime in the upcoming, perhaps somewhere unintentional. Brad is more than just human; he is a posting creature.

Brad is lust, he subwoofs all the time, in the future he will drive gangsta lean, he has NEVER been considered brokeback. This bitch has some serious abs, and I *bleep*ing die when I see them.


Bastard. For those of you morons that have no idea what I just said, go define it there. Brad is my lover, he is the best of the best. I mean, he is better than IZT, aka Ryan, and NO one is better than Ryan. Just be jealous of our love. ♥


Flame Phoenix Barmy Brat
Jan 22, 07 11:21pm
I have defected. I do not want a Wii anymore and wish for a Playstation 3. Wanna know why? THIS is why:



Death Kitten Barmy Brat
Jan 22, 07 9:27pm
RikkuLover is my dear master, my happiness, my love, everything.
RikkuLover is the only one worthy of owning me.
I love doing what master RikkuLover tells me to do, it's all worth it. No other master is better than RikkuLover. Everyone knows it.

I'll always love RikkuLover.


king rock Barmy Brat
Jan 19, 07 8:16pm
just thought i would say you have been doing a great job with keeping the forum together

black doom Barmy Brat
Jan 14, 07 1:38pm
Every girl I know thinks I am hot so everyone has a lower temperature than me. Also just let me say your master has whipped you very well.

Anyway I have no stamps so...

"I am at my limit, I have no choice but to adapt a Sonic quote and fire my favorite of my Zelda fleet"

"CHHHAAARRGGGEE, your light arrow"

Hmm... I should probable get a stamp because using that has gotten very old.
Kingy Barmy Brat
Jan 13, 07 8:13pm
Yes, I've heard the news. You are Master's greatest slave. I was not sent by Him, but I was sent by myself. I am ironically a King and a slave at the same time. Here is comparison of greatness:

MZH>Barmy Brat>all other masters>Kings>normal people>noobs

I am honored.

Kokoro Barmy Brat
Jan 13, 07 4:54pm
Now take this stamp:

My master is better than you and your master, BTW.
Darknet Barmy Brat
Jan 11, 07 8:59pm

The cops think I have bad eyesight. Quick! Let me hide in your throat.

Ave, Mistress Toni

Pretty pretty princess
YoshiStar Barmy Brat
Jan 10, 07 7:19pm

I have a confession to make. I've been keeping it in for a long time, but I figure now is the time to let it all out. You see ... I have an obsession over shirtless, pantless, and naked guys. :3 I can't stop looking at them. It can lead to bad things, though. Let me tell you a story : A while ago, at my city pool when I was out swimming, I saw this kid taking off his shirt, and jumping into the pool. I went over to him to get a closer look, but he went out of the pool and back home and didn't even notice me. That night, I went home and stabbed my hand as hard as I could, and it still hurts. Dang those hot shirtless guys. But of course, my master, she's way hotter than any shirtless guys. She's the most awesome master ever and I wish I was her level.

Anyway, because she's so awesome, you just have to sign her guestbook! Ya see, I'm psychic. I know what you're doing every moment of the day. Right now ... you are ... reading this text! =D So, anyway, I'm predicting that later today, you are going to sign her guestbook, but its okay if you don't want to, you can just sign mine instead ... wait, never mind. It's not okay. I just got a terrible vision of what would happen if you signed mine and didn't sign Den's. It involved your head bloating up Mortal Kombat style. It got bigger and bigger and bigger, until ...


PLZ... SIGN... Mistress DenDen's Gbook
papermariofreak64 Barmy Brat
Dec 18, 06 11:58pm
I'm like the kid from the forums! Here's a stamp I slopped together a while ago in around 15 seconds!

P.S: I'm also in Australia!
Fluidity Barmy Brat
Nov 4, 06 5:33pm
Nice Bleach avvy. You always seem to find the good ones. Anyway, just thought I'd stop by, say hi, and then leave.

DTX Barmy Brat
Sep 1, 06 5:41pm
On a signing spree!! Plz sign back! -_0

Supreme Wolverine Barmy Brat
Aug 27, 06 8:51am
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
Jaw Knee Barmy Brat
Aug 16, 06 8:53pm
I misjudged you, and tonight I'm finally admitting it. Call me an asshole if you really need to, because if you do, I'd deserve it. I think my porblem was I never really got to know you so I got easily pissed off at some of the comments you made, so Barmy, I'm sorry.