Braden Bardock the father
Jun 19, 06 8:09pm
Prize gained by signing my guestbook!
Bardock the father ROCKS for signing my guestbook!

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Bladefire Bardock the father
Apr 24, 06 2:48am
you have been randomly signed by bladefire.
and oh yea

Sayreville is a town in NJ but I am from NY but I had to move here because my grandma forced us to but it was a mistake to come to NJ.

-Hi. What's up? I just found out that you signed my guest book. So I decided to sign your book too.
yodogs5 Bardock the father
Nov 09, 05 11:55pm
I have seen ou around the dbz forum so i am signing your guest book!
Hey thanks for signing my guest book, and I'm pretty sure you remember me. Anyways live your life and I'll see you at the forums.
Stillwater Bardock the father
Sep 28, 05 1:09am
Thought i'd come and sign your guestbook. and please remeber to sign back. See ya around.

i saw you're message: please sign my guestbook, so here i am, you're first guest!

Well see you at the forum!