Well my little friendlings deserve a stamp, so you get my Blaziken one!
Heya, now, feel the wrath of...

THE IRISH CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have officially been stamped by Neon_B
You are fantastic at chaos, manga, more chaos and .....stuff

Hello, Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the basket of goodies I have prepared for you! lol

Thanks for Being Awesome!
I am officially a game nerd.I have a picture for you.Enjoy!Sign back.Tootles.

Happy V-day Ella! I hope that you like my stamp! -gives fudge- I hope you enjoy it all
Time for me to stamp this boring place. XD There's nothing here yet! Here's your order of a stamp!

How do you like it? I know, it's hard to read the letters XD But it's from a manga I really like. =P