hey so decided with the new format for the VGC being released I wanted to get a team together for the slim chance I can actua

i need a good way to soft reset Rayquaza in my Alpha Sapphire game, I herd if you lost to Zinnie (What ever her name is) you

I have lots of Shiny 6 IV legendaries to trade for it as well as a good handful of current events to X and. Y But need to

These are the 6 Dittos I have for trade! Bold Hardy Jolly Modest Naive Timid And I am looking for any nature besid

These are the last three dreamies I am looking for! I currently have a slot open for which ever one of these I run into ne

Need one of these Pokemon that knows air cutter for a breeding project! Unfortunatly they can only learn this move from a

Just finished training my eevee team for the eevee friendly starting on the 10th, and I wanted to have a few practice battles

I have always enjoyed Spinda and it's many, MANY, forms haha So I decided I must have spinda in ALL the pokeballs haha

So I have been wanting to make a Hail/Sandstorm team, it's very in the works right now, all I really have planned are the

Thought it would be great to get a good collection of Competitive Shiny starters and eevees, so below I have listed what I al

I am on the search for an unburden treecko, doesn't need to be special with ivs or shiny though if it is I will definitel

I know that it's possible to catch the Johto starters in Gale of Darkness and I am hoping I can find someone who can catc

As stated above! Would prefer other high IV Events but won't be too picky! http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon/251.png

Here are all my competitive shiny and event pokemon I have I am looking for pretty much any other Competitve shiny legendarie

If both parents know volt tackle will the pichu learn it? Or does one parent have to be holding the light ball?

So I have seen some people with apricot shops who has starters In apricot balls, is that legit? I didn't think it was pos

I am looking for the following Dittos, I would prefer anything not from America, so doesn't have to be JPN but I know tho

I need someone to clone my Flawless Pikachu as well as my shiny competitive Growlithe! Just 1 of each and of course you ca

Level Ball Lure Ball Moon Ball Friend Ball Love Ball Heavy Ball Fast Ball Sport Ball Been awhile since I have done

I have an assortment of pave times for trade and/or sale! Below is my list of available Pave items and I will update it af

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