Is playing three games at once normal behaviour....?
I keep signing in with my fb account then wondering who I am....this is not good....
Asleep at 3.30 am, awake at 7.30 am. Playing the most boring tedious dull game I can think of. Insomnia is the pits....
I hate insomnia...If anyone spots me online at 3 am GMT PM me and remind me to sleep....
Breath of Fire V keeps making me tear up darn it
I would love a pet Tonberry.
Slept all day & now up playing FF7 at something stupid o'clock
Third attempt at Resonance of Fate. Third time a charm? Hope so...
Old gamers don't die, they just get stuck in Midgar
Older games don't die, they just get stuck in Midgar
I'm not crazy. Just misunderstood...
Mother wants to be your friend......
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