Hi there.

If you've been over to the Sonic section, you might already know me as David Macintyre. If not, I'm into writing, although I've kind of slowed down with the fanfiction lately to work on my own original stuff. I play DDR like an addict; currently master at 8 foot, working on 9. Suck at double. I build boats that could pwn you-- currently my largest is about 4 tons and can fly as far as the moon. I was responsible for a coup in Fiji, and I once sunk Brazil beneath the waves for an evening without anybody noticing. One day I will catch the megalodon with a giant fishing rod. You should also know that in the days of the caveman, mammoths and glaciers, bugs and trees were your food then-- no pyjamas or doctors. I'm also a pirate.

Good day.


Arrr, I'm a pirate!
I am also Bruce Lee! Arrr!

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