xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

even if i dont know you, i just feel like stamping. so here's a stamp.

um so what do you think? anyway even though i dont know you here's a stamp that'll make ya drool
I decided to sign your guestbook so here. Hope you like KH...
See ya around!
Hey, it's Tooth

I'm on a GuestBook-Signing-Spree Sign mine back when you get the chance

~See you around~

Signing your guestbook, seen u around the Ninja Gaiden forum ,heres a nice ninja image for ya

How ya doin, jus thot i'd sign this mofo, have a <koozy> 2k5
Hey Hey just thought i would go ahead and sign your guestbook

Well there you go lol
Whatsup, bud? Haven't talked to you in a while, but I haven't signed either, so I will sign now! Thanks for being a cool friend!

Chuffin' Xmas mate.

It's better to give than recieve.... Sign back anyway though.

Hey man, i saw your wallpapers at [Halo 2 Portal] and they're pretty amazing...

Stamp :

Check out my [Portfolio] the later pages are a lot better
Hey bud, I promised a hearty guestbook signing, so I shall live up to that promise. You seem like an orite guy, and I hope that I get to either kick ass with you, or kick your ass on Live!

See you around
Hey, I've seen you around the Halo 2 forums, so I'm signing, SIGN BACK
wow! i havn't signed your guestbook yet, damn bro! Fun talkin wit u in the suffering forum, (that place is a ghost town nowadays)

well, i don't really have a stamp, but if i did, i would totally stamp you! so..well...consider yourself "stamped" by mpf
Of coarse he's a Ninja:P^_^

Dude, you gotta get Live. Halo 2 is gonna be Live enabled so you gotta get it! I'm getting it! So you definatley got to get it!

Can you believe someone took my name here. I was browsing around today and someone's username is Sgt Toothster! Can you believe that!?

Anyways see you around!

BadAssNinja... are you really a ninja? because if your are then we have something in common, because looking at your profile im 5yrs younger and probably alittle more energetic but only at night. i study the ways of a ninja and learn them. u can say i got a little carried away. Write bac.

Hey man you a badass man. But, are you really a ninja? Aw whatever man. Yo if you get time sign my guesbook. Come on, you got to do it. Please.
Yo Yo, haha, sorry this took so long, I usually don't sign guestbooks, for whatever reason if I'm to lazy...lol but now I have nuthing else to do, so look what I'm going to do. Yeah, see you areound man, hopefully in more places than the Help Forum haha..PM me if you have any questions about anything..Here 2 Serve lol...(so many lol's)

Hey dude I saw you like heavy metal. What bands flow across your mind? I like a lot of alternative hard rock like Nirvana. If you wouldn't mind, pleez sign my guestbook back thanx.
Yo d00d. Just signin' your G-Book. Cya'round

Its atleast i could do for a dedicated Halo lover..

Take care, Mozy...

I dont have a clue who you are but you like Halo and thats good enough for me so I am signing if ya get a chance sign mine as well.
Aw man, I was hoping to be the first to sign this, but you can't win every time. We seem to like alot of the same games and are in alot of the same forums, and your avatar is great.
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