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Feb 3, 09 6:05am

    I know that making this blog and ranting about how pointless and stupid Football is will stir up alot of controversy between members, so to make sure no flaming takes place I would ask you not to PM me or too flame me or anyone else in the comment box about this rant. Don't forget that this is my opinion, and no dobt other people's opiniojn aswell, to which everyone is entitled to. With that out of the way, it's time for me to rant, rant, rant!

    I ask you this question: Why is Football so popular? All it is are people that are skilled at kicking a ball around a pitch. Where is the entertainment. People arge that it's the same with most other sports and ask the question: What's the point in Golf? For a start I never said there was a point in any sport, it's just this one seems the most pointless with the least skill. These people who are talented at kicking aball around ger paid money that most people will never earn in there lives, just from one match. Is it me or are these 'skilled' people getting way over paid. Some could argue that they are the reason that British economy is so bad, because these poeple are paid far too much. The only question I want you to ask yourselves is: What is so special about Football?

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