darkwolf1 BabyPeach97
Jul 30, 09 2:12am
i hope that we could be good friends one day
and i also hope that you have great luck with your shop.one day i hope that you will
get the best ACWW super store in wich has a much and i mean MUCH bigger variety of rare valuable and wonderful items.
zippoid BabyPeach97
Feb 13, 09 3:03pm
This may be extremely late, but thank you for coming to my town! We had fun lolz. I hope we can talk soon. All the best,

Zippoid xxx
pawz BabyPeach97
Sep 20, 08 2:13pm
i would join but..........i dont have wifi 4 the ds yet hope your post gauge skyrockets and your clan and shop both be VERY successful pawz.
pawz BabyPeach97
Sep 20, 08 1:48pm
whatz up babypeach?
just thought id sign your guestbook and thankz for signing my guestbook and i hope we0 be better neo friendz thankz pawz.
Vegetazoid BabyPeach97
Sep 19, 08 8:58pm
Hey BabyPeach97!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
juicy orange BabyPeach97
Sep 2, 08 9:17pm
Your a really good friend! Thanx for joining my gang you've helped a lot! STAMP STAMP!

Dramon Knight BabyPeach97
Aug 24, 08 4:11pm
Hi there BabyPeach, my awesome Neo-Daughter. xD

So, how are you? i just feel I would be doing the right thing to sign yourguestbook now, since you're such a nice member.
yiyibowser BabyPeach97
Aug 24, 08 1:12pm

take care!!!! hope we can talk soon.
Fab Lauren BabyPeach97
Aug 7, 08 5:05pm
Well since your in the gang now, I'm starting to like you. So I better get to the stamp bit:

Stick around!

Acww10 BabyPeach97
Aug 2, 08 3:56pm
Hey There!!

Thanks for buying from

The Amazing Shop!!

Ermm dunnoo what to say...

Buy stuff again from The Amazing Shop!!

Your Good Pal

archieboy BabyPeach97
Aug 2, 08 3:56pm
this will be your first ever gb signing with a stamp

lol this stamp has gotta be biggerill try later
leon490 BabyPeach97
Aug 2, 08 12:30pm
hi thanks for being a good friend too i

really like your town hope it even better!

and i hope more people sign your guestbook too

From your friend leon