i hope that we could be good friends one day
and i also hope that you have great luck with your shop.one day i hope that you will
get the best ACWW super store in wich has a much and i mean MUCH bigger variety of rare valuable and wonderful items.
This may be extremely late, but thank you for coming to my town! We had fun lolz. I hope we can talk soon. All the best,

Zippoid xxx
i would join but..........i dont have wifi 4 the ds yet hope your post gauge skyrockets and your clan and shop both be VERY successful pawz.
whatz up babypeach?
just thought id sign your guestbook and thankz for signing my guestbook and i hope we0 be better neo friendz thankz pawz.
Hey BabyPeach97!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Your a really good friend! Thanx for joining my gang you've helped a lot! STAMP STAMP!

Hi there BabyPeach, my awesome Neo-Daughter. xD

So, how are you? i just feel I would be doing the right thing to sign yourguestbook now, since you're such a nice member.

take care!!!! hope we can talk soon.
Well since your in the gang now, I'm starting to like you. So I better get to the stamp bit:

Stick around!

Hey There!!

Thanks for buying from

The Amazing Shop!!

Ermm dunnoo what to say...

Buy stuff again from The Amazing Shop!!

Your Good Pal

this will be your first ever gb signing with a stamp

lol this stamp has gotta be biggerill try later
hi thanks for being a good friend too i

really like your town hope it even better!

and i hope more people sign your guestbook too

From your friend leon